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Nova Chess Tournament 2011 (Games and Results)

Nova College Chess Tournament 2011

Matthew Sadler repeated his win in the Nova College Chess Tournament which he won last year. He again scored 5/6 but this time only took the title on tie-break from Erik Van den Doel, the two did not meet in the event. Sadler seems to have only played a couple of games in the Dutch Club Cup between wins.

Nova College Chess (Haarlem NED)
Fri 1st Jul 2011 - Sun 3rd Jul 2011 - Official Site - Results - Live

Nova Chess 2011 (58 players 6 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:105m+10m+5spm(41)) - Games in PGN: Games

Nova Chess 2011 (58 players 6 Rds Swiss Indiv TC: 105m+10m+5spm(41)) - Games in PGN: Games


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Nova Chess 2011 Haarlem NED Fri 1st Jul 2011 - Sun 3rd Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
1Sadler, MatthewGMENG2624111½½15.02716
2Van den Doel, ErikGMNED2564½1111½5.02570
3Kleijn, ChristovIMNED2444111½014.52580
4Schut, LisaWIMNED22681=½11½4.52562
5Neeloptal, DasGMIND24771½½1½14.52406
6Ikonnikov, VyacheslavGMRUS25661101½½4.02468
7Zwirs, NicoNED2190=½11½½4.02378
8Gijswijt, BartFMNED2334101=½14.02329
9Van der Lende, IliasNED2181½1½1½½4.02381
10Afek, YochananIMISR22511010114.02385
11Strating, SyboltFMNED2288½11=014.02259
12Goudriaan, EtienneFMNED2331½1011½4.02253
13Haslinger, StewartGMENG25451½½1½03.52376
14Van der Wiel, JohnGMNED2455110½½½3.52325
15Admiraal, MiguoelNED22751½½1½03.52346
16Roggeveen, PieterNED22121=10½½3.52357
17Van Oosterom, ChielIMNED242811001½3.52287
18In 't Veld, DaanNED2221=1½½½½3.52390
19De Saegher, ChrisNED216101½1103.52262
20Klein, DavidFMNED237310011½3.52230
21Beeke, BobNED222410101½3.52311
22Ootes, LennartNED220010½1013.52180
23Groffen, HansNED2212½1½01½3.52198
24Van Liempt, MichaelNED200200½1113.52142
25Willemze, ThomasIMNED23771½½0103.02138
26De Roode, PeterNED216401=1½03.02250
27Van Beek, AlexanderIMNED23031½100½3.02256
28Krishnasing, AshleyNED1956=½½0½13.02157
29Boulahfa, HichamNED2144======3.00
30De Jager, PieterNED2084=½10013.02158
31Van der Auweraert, ElwinNED2047=010½13.02076
32Vos, TjarkNED20161½0=013.02295
33Vroombout, EnricoNED21170=½1103.02225
34De Roode, MartijnNED21080½110½3.02137
35Roorda, ThijsNED20760101½½3.02131
36De Ruiter, DannyNED20880½0=113.02077
37Both, ErikNED2127½10=½02.52088
38Agter, FrankNED2112010=012.52052
39Pijpers, PeterNED20800=10102.52072
40In 't Veld, ReneNED2004½=0===2.52046
41Van den Bergh, BenNED1996=010½½2.52063
42Woudt, EdwinNED206901½=0½2.52126
43De Bruijn, AadNED1942½00=1½2.52077
44Oudshoorn, ArresNED203600011½2.51992
45Koelewijn, AlexNED19860=01012.51986
46Nieland, WimNED19590½1=002.01976
47Kerkvliet, MaxNED1890½½½0½02.01983
48Perez Garcia, HebertNED2105=100½02.01959
49Broekman, WillemNED2018½01=002.01993
50Bravo, FabioNED2041=01=002.01931
51Haver, BasNED20020½½=½02.01942
52Haslinger, GarethENG23050=½0012.01873
53Seeleman, JanNED201500½0½12.01941
54Dijk, RogierNED1955=000½12.01887
55Fokkink, StefanNED1907=000101.51790
56Haver, DaanNED193200½=001.01698
57Sparreboom, WilNED193800½=001.01758
58Van der Meiden, DirkNED2011=000000.51326
58 players

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