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Najdorf Memorial 2010 (3)

Three rounds, three leaders at the Najdorf Memorial

Stanislaw Zawadzki reports on the 3rd round of the Najdorf Memorial.

Summary of the third round has to start with a sad anouncement. GM Algimantas Butnorious who had 2/2 had to withdrawn from the tournament because of family tragedy. In that way his opponent GM Julian Radulski happened to be one of the leader with 3 victories out of 3 games. The style of all three leaders are completlty different. Radulski was quite happy in the second round, when he won a dubious position against Marcin Krzyzanowski. In yesterday game he got a free day. Other leader, GM Aleksander Mista plays very luckily in every game so far. Yesterday his rival, experienced IM Aleksander Sznapik, could have played a winning move few times in the game. Fortunately for Mista he felt much better than his oponent in a sharp play and eventually he won. Last leader looks like oposition to the other two. GM Vadim Malakhatko won every game in a solid, positional play, showing a great experience in such game style.

Great chance to be a co-leader had GM Monika Socko. After playing almost whole game with pawn up to GM Marcin Dziuba she couldn't finally break a tough defence of polish grandmaster. Also GM Siergiey Zhigalko could be slightly disapointed after not being able to win against GM Krzysztof Jakubowski, though after the oppening his position looked very promising. A lot of luck had another favourite, GM Bartlomiej Macieja,who get an inferior, maybe lost position against Tomek Rej. Finally he managed to transform it into worse, but drawish rook endgame. Even though he can't be satisfied with this result

Today on the first two boards games Mista-Malakhatko and Zhigalko-Radulski awaits us. They may be important for the rest of the tournament.

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