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Najdorf Memorial 2010 (6)

Najdorf Memorial produces one leader after 6

After six days of a tournament we finally have a sole leader. His name is GM Julian Radulski and he took a lead after a technical win in endgame against GM Victor Erdos. Grandmaster from Bulgaria only lost half a point, but still he has to be careful - three players are just behind him, waiting for him to blunder. Maybe even today, in game against Mikhail Brodsky?

Yesterday's round started with a strong accent. After ten minutes we had our first victory. But WGM Beata Kadziolka didn't win because of brilliant tactical blow, but thank to mobile phone that rang to her opponent, IM Aleksander Sznapik. This way Kadziolka won second consecutive game against strong opponent. Also game Svieshnikov against Malakhatko ended quickly - but this time in a normal draw. On the other tables the fight has lasted much longer.

GM Aleksander Mista drew to GM Mikhail Brodsky, though it looked like grandmaster from Poland had serious chances of winning this game. Unfortunately for him he played some unexact moves in the time troubles and eventually he had to fight for draw. On the second board we had a game that brought us the leader. GM Radulski after opening got a position that looked very drawish, but he managed to coordinate and centralise his pieces what gave him an advantage. He converted it in very confident style, exploiting Erdos's weaknesses.

GM Marcin Dziuba won nicely against GM Denes Boros, though I have to admit he could have won even quicker. But nonetheless he played strong, especially 31.Ra8! was admired by spectators. Marcin, who was playing good since the start of the event now joined the „chasing group”

GM Monika Socko had luck in this round. In a game against GM Marijan Petrov she's got inferior position after opening but then managed to go into probably drawish endgame. But in one moment her opponent could have won in one move (64.Rc4). He didn't spot it and game finished in draw.

The most interesting round in the 7th round will probably be Mista vs Dziuba. They are both the same age and have been playing hundreds of game in the last 20 years.

Najdorf Mem Open A Warsaw (POL), 17 - 25 vii 2010
Leading Round 6 (of 9) Standings:
1Radulski, JulianGMBUL25745.516.00
2Miśta, AleksanderGMPOL25625.016.00
3Dziuba, MarcinGMPOL25825.016.00
4Brodsky, MichailGMUKR25405.013.50
5Simonian, HrairGMARM24944.515.50
6Socko, MonikaGMPOL24774.515.50
7Malakhatko, VadimGMBEL25764.514.50
8Olszewski, MichalGMPOL25434.513.50
9Jakubowski, KrzysztofGMPOL25064.513.00
10Sveshnikov, EvgenyGMLAT24874.512.50
11Klim, Kamilk+POL22454.015.00
12Zhigalko, SergeiGMBLR26564.013.50
13Boros, DenesGMHUN24994.013.50
14Macieja, BartłomiejGMPOL26394.013.50
15Erdos, ViktorGMHUN25924.013.00
16Czerwoński, AleksanderIMPOL23794.013.00
17Petrov, MarijanGMBUL25354.013.00
18Vysochin, SpartakGMUKR25624.013.00
19Laurusas, TomasLTU22334.012.50
20Bernasek, JanIMCZE25144.012.50
20Weichhold, PawełI++POL21904.012.50
22Kadziolka, BeataWGMPOL23054.010.50
23Rej, TomekFMAUS23443.517.00
24Krysztofiak, MarcinIMPOL24363.516.00
25Matuszewski, MichalmPOL23173.514.50
26Burg, TwanIMNED24493.514.50
92 players

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