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Najdorf Memorial 2010 (5)

Najdorf Memorial Fifth round - the lost hope

Fifth round didn't clarify the situation in a leading group, but it made clear that some player will not win the tournament. Among them probably are Sergey Zhigalko and Jon Ludvig Hammer. It's also rather unlike that Bartek Macieja will win, but still he has much more chances than Zhigalko and Hammer.

In the fith day of the tournament we witnessed a clash between two leaders. Julian Radulski had an edge but he didn't manage to convert it into a full point. Thank to a draw Mikhail Brodsky was able to catch them with and easy win against Tomek Rej. A young Australian player didn't play this game very well and had to resign in 18th move.

Once more Zhigalko and Hammer disappointed their supporters. Sergey made a quick draw against Lukas Cernousek, and Hammer, after a very interesting game, lost to GM Monika Socko. The best polish women since third round was trying to win against strong opponents. GM Dziuba and GM Olszewski put strong resistance and were able to make draw. In the 5th round she's finally beaten a stronger opponent. Thank to this win she's only half point behind the leading group - together with 5 other players (amongst them Malakhatko and Erdos). We hope that it's not Monika's last word.

Tomorrow on the first board Mista plays against Brodsky. Let's hope it'll be an interesting game.

Sixth round for the leader!

After six days of a tournament we finally have a sole leader. His name is GM Julian Radulski and he took a lead after a technical win in endgame against GM Victor Erdos. Grandmaster from Bulgaria only lost half a point, but still he has to be careful - three players are just behind him, waiting for him to blunder. Maybe even today, in game against Mikhail Brodsky?

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