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Max Euwe Matches 2010 (2)

Lisa Schut wins in Round 2. Giri Survives

Photo Lisa Schut-Sebastian Siebrecht (Photo by Bas Beekhuizen)

Photo Lisa Schut-Sebastian Siebrecht (Photo by Bas Beekhuizen) |

Tom Bottema reports on Round 2 of the Max Euwe Matches in Amsterdam. Anish Giri had a close call against Nigel Short in the headline tie. The top Dutch juniors scored their first win when Lise Schut beat Sebastian Siebrecht.

On Friday Lisa Schut scored the first victory on behalf of the Dutch top juniors during the Max Euwe Matche s in Amsterdam. In the second game of her matchup with German grandmaster Sebastian Siebrecht she completely outplayed him in a Sicilian. It was the second time in her career that Schut beat a grandmaster. Last year she achieved the same feat in Andorra.

‘Sort of unexpected, also for me’, Schut said during her press conference. ‘I mean, I did not go into the game with the idea of beating him, I just thought let’s play something interesting.’ Still she must have tossed with the idea of beating Siebrecht at least once in the match since later she explained why she picked Siebrecht as her opponent in Amsterdam: ‘Well he had to be strong, of course, but not too strong.’

Nigel Short was on the brink of victory against Anish Giri. The Englishman however failed to cash in with 33.. Qh6! and instead opted for the drawing move 33.. Qg6. "'Tactics', Short muttered. 'He (Giri) is so optimistic. He's a pawn down, he has a weak king, he is completely outplayed and he thinks there is nothing wrong. But what can I say. He gets away with it."

(Tom Bottema)

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