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Magnus Carlsen Play Live Challenge 2016 (Games and Results)

Magnus Carlsen Play Live Challenge 2016

Magnus Carlsen was in New York on Thursday September 22nd to play a simultaneous exhibition against 11 players who used the Play Magnus app. Carlsen and the players have 30 minutes each. Event in the Liberty Science Centre. The studio guests included Fabiano Caruana, Jon Ludvig Hammer and Paul Hoffman. Contestants: Vedic Panda age 16 USA, Jed Sloan age 8 USA (replaced Moshe Inoyatov age 22 USA), Isaac Wiebe age 22 Canada, Polina Karelina age 15 Bahamas, Soeren Marx age 19 Germany, Gustav Gudbrandsen age 52 Norway, Emil Hartveit age 27 Norway, Michael Dimitriadis age 50 Austria, Ivet Sala Samarra age 16 Spain and Andrew Grojean (a Ruy Lopez, game now available) age 26 USA, Ben Berkowitz GER

You can watch via the VG website or using the embedded viewer below. Start time was 22nd September 11:30am EST 16:30BST 17:30CET. Carlsen won all the games in 47 minutes. All games now available for viewing.

Play Live Challenge 2016 (New York USA)
Thu 22nd Sep 2016 - Thu 22nd Sep 2016 - Official Site - Live

Play Live Challenge 2016 (11 players 1 Rds Simul Indiv TC:30m) - Games in PGN: Games

Play Live Challenge 2016 (11 players 1 Rds Simul Indiv TC: 30m) - Games in PGN: Games


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