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London Chess Classic 2009 (Blindfold Exhibition)

London Chess Classic kicks off at the London Eye

Short and McShane in the London Eye.

Short and McShane in the London Eye. |

A blindfold exhibition in the London eye between Nigel Short and Luke McShane is a prelude to the start of the London Chess Classic on Tuesday. In a key announcement the organisers have expressed the wish to bring the World Chess Championship 2012 to London.

London Chess Classic kicks off at the London Eye

Monday 07 December 2009


Today, two of England’s finest chess players, Nigel Short and Luke McShane, went head to head in a game of blindfold chess in the Merlin Entertainments London Eye before the old Cold War Super Powers lock horns in the London Chess Classic at Olympia from 8-15 December.

Short and McShane will be joining other English grandmasters Michael Adams and David Howell to take on the best chess players from the rest of the world. Luke McShane will be competing in front of a home crowd in London in what is the highest level chess tournament in Britain for twenty-five years. Players from the rest of the world include:

World number one - Magus Carlsen (Norway)

Former world champion - Vladimir Kramnik (Russia)

US champion - Hikaru Nakamura (USA) aka ‘H-bomb’ for his destructive style of play

Former Chinese champion - Ni Hua (China)

The tournament will showcase chess, as well as present London as a strong candidate to host the 2012 World Championships.

England number one, grandmaster Nigel Short said: "It was great to play chess in the London Eye. It was a bit of a shame I was blindfolded as I couldn’t take in the beautiful views, but beating Luke made up for it and bodes well for the week ahead.

Grandmaster Luke McShane, from London commented: "It will be great to play this week in front of a home crowd in London. Blindfold chess is always fun to play but I will get my revenge on Nigel at the Classic when I can see the 64 squares and 32 pieces."

Says Malcolm Pein, Chief Executive of the London Chess Centre: "Luke McShane and Nigel Short playing in the London Eye overlooking the city is an entertaining prelude to the battles ahead. The London Chess Classic is the first move in our plan to host the 2012 World Chess Championships in the capital"

For more information and to buy tickets to The London Chess Classic please go to

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