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Kilkenny Masters 2010 (6)

Kilkenny Masters 2010

The Kilkenny Masters has a reputation as a friendly tournament worth visiting and so has attracted stronger players than otherwise might be expected. The 2010 edition saw Ivan Cheparinov and Sam Collins finish on 5/6. A tiny number of games are available.

Kilkenny Masters 2010 (Kilkenny IRL)
Sat 27th Nov 2010 - Sun 28th Nov 2010 - Official Site

Kilkenny Masters (32 players 6 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:105m) - Games in PGN: Games

Kilkenny Masters (32 players 6 Rds Swiss Indiv TC: 105m) - Games in PGN: Games


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Kilkenny Masters Kilkenny IRL Sat 27th Nov 2010 - Sun 28th Nov 2010
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
1Cheparinov, IvanBUL26611=1=115
2Collins, SamIRL23901011115
3Maze, SebastienFRA25711111004
4Jones, GawainENG25761=1=104
5Suba, MihaiROU24591101104
6Libiszewski, FabienFRA24961100114
7Baburin, AlexIRL2528101==14
8Lopez, AlexIRL24031=1=0=3.5
9Hebden, MarkENG254211100=3.5
10Fitzsimons, DavidIRL223711001=3.5
11Heidenfeld, MarkIRL23931=01==3.5
12Griffiths, Ryan-RhysIRL225210=1==3.5
13Quinn, MarkIRL2378=101013.5
14Vospernik, AndrejSLO22050101==3
15Allen, KeithIOM223210=10=3
16Short, PhilipIRL224610=1=03
17Timmermans, IvoNED22150110==3
18Orr, MarkSCO2201010==13
19Delaney, KilianIRL2016=010=2.5
20Walsh, PaulIRL20230=====2.5
21Riordan, Kieran OIRL178901=0==2.5
22McCabe, DarrenIRL2006===0012.5
23Cafolla, PeterIRL20320=01102.5
24Menon, AravindIRL182100=1==2.5
25Duffy, SeamusIRL202201=012.5
26Keogh, EamonIRL20730010=12.5
27Courtney, JohnIRL19490==0102
28Murphy, Conor EdmundENG19540001=2
29Killane, JackIRL20460=10001.5
30De Kruif, KeesNED201000=1001.5
31Healy, TomIRL200500=0011.5
32Hauptmann, ThomasNED201700=0==1.5
32 players

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