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9th Bilbao Masters Final 2016 (8)

Wesley So beats a struggling Giri in Bilbao Round 8

Magnus Carlsen maintains a 3 point lead over Hikaru Nakamura going into the final two rounds of the Bilbao Masters Final.

Wesley So obtained an advantage on the run up to first time control against Anish Giri and ground out a win in the only decisive game of round 8.

Sergey Karjakin made a very risky pawn grab on b7 with his queen against Magnus Carlsen in what will probably be their final game before their World Championship match. Computers suggested 15..cxb5 with the idea of Re7 trying to trap Karjakin's queen might have led to an advantage for Carlsen, as it was after 15...axb5 the game finished in a draw by repetition.

Wei Yi and Nakamura drew a well contested game in 45 moves.

Round 8 standings: Carlsen 13pts, Nakamura 10pts, Wei Yi 9pts, So 9pts, Karjakin 7pts, Giri 6pts

Round 9 Friday 22nd July 2016 3pm UK time: Wei Yi-Wesley So, Nakamura-Karjakin, Carlsen-Giri.

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