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9th Bilbao Masters Final 2016 (6)

Wei Yi beats Giri in Bilbao Round 6

Wei Yi beat Anish Giri when the latter blundered in an endgame with 31...g5 which left his bishop cut off and unable to stop white's passed pawn.

Magnus Carlsen played solidly against Hikaru Nakamura and after he equalised the players traded most of the pieces to a dead draw.

Wesley So was pressing against Sergey Karjakin but allowed him back into the game and a dynamic endgame was reached which finished in a draw.

Round 6 standings: Carlsen 11, Nakamura 8, Wei Yi 7, Giri 5, Karjakin 5, So 5

Round 7 20th July 2016 3pm UK time. I will be hosting ICC's commentary with Christof Sielecki. Games: Nakamura-So, Carlsen-Wei Yi, Giri-Karjakin

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