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42nd Italian Team Championship (7)

Italian Team Championship 2010

Shirov at the Italian Teams. Photo © Adolivio Capece

Shirov at the Italian Teams. Photo © Adolivio Capece |

The Italian Team Championship takes place April 29th-May 2nd 2010. In the main group (Master) 14 teams compete. The Pesaro team has GM Alexey Shirov. GMs Paco Vallejo, Maceja and Marin plays for Chieti. GMs Hubner, Gyimesi and Godena for Marostica. GM Leon Hoyo for Perugia. Fabiano Caruana leads the Padova team (winner of the title in 2009) with GM Kiril Georgiev.

Obiettivo Risarcimento from Padova won the Italian Team Championship with a round to go. Padova beat Marostica (a draw between Huebner and Caruana on top board) and Chieti beat Pesaro (Shirov beat Vallejo). So after 6 of 7 rounds Padova have 12 points, while Pesaro and Chieti have only 8. The last round will decide the second and third places.

The Italian Team Championship for Women was also settled with a round to go. Cheti (with WGMs Martha Fierro and Olga Zimina) took the title.

News: Adolivio Capece.

42nd Italian Teams 2010 (Arvier ITA)
Thu 29th Apr 2010 - Sun 2nd May 2010 - Official Site - Results - Live

Masters (114 players 7 Rds League Team TC:90m:15m:30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Teams

Masters (114 players 7 Rds League Team TC: 90m:15m:30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Teams


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