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FIDE World Cup Tromso 2013 (2 Playoffs)

Top seeds progress to World Cup Round 3 after play-offs

Levon Aronian showed his power as a calculator easing past Igor Lysyj. Photo © Susan Polgar.

Levon Aronian showed his power as a calculator easing past Igor Lysyj. Photo © Susan Polgar. |

The rapid play-offs for FIDE World Cup Round 2 saw the top seeds all progress. Levon Aronian eased past Igor Lysyj using his superior calculating skills, Vladimir Kramnik took his chances in the second rapid game two against Mihail Kobalia. Sergey Karjakin, Gata Kamsky, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov and Peter Svidler also progressed with little drama against Viktor Bologan.

However below this a whole host of seeds were eliminated. Ruslan Ponomariov tried to keep control against Daniil Dubov who also didn't mind the quick draws on offer and it all went down to a final Armageddon game where Dubov eventually conjured some very clever chances in a 1.b3 Larsen's Opening and eliminated his more experienced rival.

Wang Hao faced one of the world's best rapid players Alexei Dreev and eventually was beaten 2-0. Michael Adams had failed to convert all sorts of chances against Yuriy Kryvoruchko and it's in the nature of things that this came back to bite him when he got into trouble in the second rapid game and was eliminated. Teimour Radjabov has had a lousy year and had to use all his experience to get past Lazaro Bruzon. He ruined a completely winning game with black in the first rapid and took an extremely quick draw in game two to recover. This paid off as he completely outclassed his opponent in the next phase to go through.

Other interesting results include Alexander Moiseenko eliminating Etienne Bacrot, Le Quang Liem taking out Francisco Vallejo Pons, Malakhov beating Laurent Fressinet in a match where the Frenchman lost a technical rook and pawn a pawn up and followed it by blowing an overwhelming position in the second game, Anton Korobov beating Baadur Jobava and the last Norwegian standing Jon Ludvig Hammer beating David Navara who went for a huge kingside tactic which didn't work.

Round 3 Pairings 2pm BST Friday: R3 Draw: Aronian-Tomashevsky, Vitiugov-Morozevich, Kamsky-Hammer, Mamedyarov-Wei Yi, Grischuk-Le Quang, Svidler-Radjabov, Karjakin-Eljanov, Dreev-Andreikin, Caruana-Malakhov, Granda-Giri, Gelfand-Moiseenko, Dominguez-Vachier Lagrave, Kramnik-Areshchenko, Kryvoruchko-Ivanchuk, Nakamura-Adhiban, Dubov-Korobov.

Ian Rogers report on Tromso for the USCF Website

Round 2, Match 1
64Lysyj, IgorgRUS2648½½001
1Aronian, LevongARM2813½½113Aronian
Round 2, Match 2
2Caruana, FabianogITA27961½Caruana
63Yu, YangyigCHN26620½½
Round 2, Match 3
67Kobalia, MikhailgRUS2651½½½0
3Kramnik, VladimirgRUS2784½½½1Kramnik
Round 2, Match 4
4Grischuk, AlexandergRUS27851½Grischuk
68Swiercz, DariuszgPOL26540½½
Round 2, Match 5
60Sasikiran, KrishnangIND2660½½0½
5Karjakin, SergeygRUS2772½½1½Karjakin
Round 2, Match 6
6Nakamura, HikarugUSA27721½Nakamura
59Safarli, EltajgAZE26600½½
Round 2, Match 7
71Filippov, AntongUZB2630½0½
7Gelfand, BorisgISR2764½1Gelfand
Round 2, Match 8
8Kamsky, GatagUSA274110113Kamsky
57Shimanov, AleksandrgRUS265501001
Round 2, Match 9
56Matlakov, MaximgRUS2676½½½0
9Mamedyarov, ShakhriyargAZE2775½½½1Mamedyarov
Round 2, Match 10
10Dominguez Perez, LeiniergCUB27571½Dominguez
55Onischuk, AlexandergUSA26670½½
Round 2, Match 11
75Dubov, DaniilgRUS2624½½½½½½½½15Dubov
11Ponomariov, RuslangUKR2756½½½½½½½½04
Round 2, Match 12
12Wang, HaogCHN2747½½001
53Dreev, AlekseygRUS2668½½113Dreev
Round 2, Match 13
52Bologan, ViktorgMDA2672½½½0
13Svidler, PetergRUS2746½½½1Svidler
Round 2, Match 14
14Adams, MichaelgENG2740½½½0
51Kryvoruchko, YuriygUKR2678½½½1Kryoruchko
Round 2, Match 15
50Granda Zuniga, Julio EgPER26641½Granda
15Leko, PetergHUN27440½½
Round 2, Match 16
16Morozevich, AlexandergRUS27391½Morozevich
80Leitao, RafaelgBRA26320½½
Round 2, Match 17
48Ragger, MarkusgAUT2680½0½
17Vitiugov, NikitagRUS2719½1Vitiugov
Round 2, Match 18
18Giri, AnishgNED2737112Giri
47Li, Chao bgCHN2693000
Round 2, Match 19
83Robson, RaygUSA2623000
19Ivanchuk, VassilygUKR2731112Ivanchuk
Round 2, Match 20
20Radjabov, TeimourgAZE2733½½½½114Radjabov
45Bruzon Batista, LazarogCUB2698½½½½002
Round 2, Match 21
85Nguyen, Ngoc Truong SongVIE2625½0½
21Andreikin, DmitrygRUS2716½1Andreikin
Round 2, Match 22
22Korobov, AntongUKR272010113Korobov
43Jobava, BaadurgGEO269601001
Round 2, Match 23
87Ortiz Suarez, Isan ReynaldogCUB2609000
23Vachier-Lagrave, MaximegFRA2719112Vachier-Lagrave
Round 2, Match 24
41Shirov, AlexeigLAT2696½0½
105Wei, YigCHN2551½1Wei
Round 2, Match 25
89Hammer, Jon LudviggNOR2605½½113Hammer
25Navara, DavidgCZE2715½½001
Round 2, Match 26
26Bacrot, EtiennegFRA2714½½0½
39Moiseenko, AlexandergUKR2699½½1½Moiseenko
Round 2, Match 27
102Adhiban, B.gIND2567½1Adhiban
91Fier, AlexandrgBRA2595½0½
Round 2, Match 28
28Jakovenko, DmitrygRUS2724½0½
37Eljanov, PavelgUKR2702½1Eljanov
Round 2, Match 29
36Vallejo Pons, FranciscogESP2706½½½0
29Le, Quang LiemgVIE2702½½½1Le
Round 2, Match 30
30Areshchenko, AlexandergUKR2709½1Areshchenko
94Felgaer, RubengARG2586½0½
Round 2, Match 31
34Fressinet, LaurentgFRA2708½½001
31Malakhov, VladimirgRUS2707½½113Malakhov
Round 2, Match 32
32Tomashevsky, EvgenygRUS27061½Tomashevsky
33So, WesleygPHI27100½½
1-32Round 3, Match 1
1Aronian, LevongARM2813
32Tomashevsky, EvgenygRUS2706
31-2Round 3, Match 2
31Malakhov, VladimirgRUS2707
2Caruana, FabianogITA2796
3-30Round 3, Match 3
3Kramnik, VladimirgRUS2784
30Areshchenko, AlexandergUKR2709
29-4Round 3, Match 4
29Le, Quang LiemgVIE2702
4Grischuk, AlexandergRUS2785
5-28Round 3, Match 5
5Karjakin, SergeygRUS2772
28Eljanov, PavelgUKR2702
27-6Round 3, Match 6
27Adhiban, B.gIND2567
6Nakamura, HikarugUSA2772
7-26Round 3, Match 7
7Gelfand, BorisgISR2764
26Moiseenko, AlexandergUKR2699
25-8Round 3, Match 8
25Hammer, Jon LudviggNOR2605
8Kamsky, GatagUSA2741
9-24Round 3, Match 9
9Mamedyarov, ShakhriyargAZE2775
24Wei, YigCHN2551
23-10Round 3, Match 10
23Vachier-Lagrave, MaximegFRA2719
10Dominguez Perez, LeiniergCUB2757
11-22Round 3, Match 11
11Dubov, DaniilgRUS2624
22Korobov, AntongUKR2720
21-12Round 3, Match 12
21Andreikin, DmitrygRUS2716
12Dreev, AlekseygRUS2668
13-20Round 3, Match 13
13Svidler, PetergRUS2746
20Radjabov, TeimourgAZE2733
19-14Round 3, Match 14
19Ivanchuk, VassilygUKR2731
14Kryvoruchko, YuriygUKR2678
15-18Round 3, Match 15
15Granda Zuniga, Julio EgPER2664
18Giri, AnishgNED2737
17-16Round 3, Match 16
17Vitiugov, NikitagRUS2719
16Morozevich, AlexandergRUS2739

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