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FIDE World Cup Khanty Mansiysk 2011 (1.2)

Sam Shankland eliminates Peter Leko from World Cup

Leko and Shankland interviewed after their match

Leko and Shankland interviewed after their match |

Sam Shankland accepted a draw in an overwhelmingly winning position against Peter Leko to eliminate the Hungarian in the surprise of the round. Wang Yue was also eliminated, by Alexandr Fier after blowing a winning advantage that would have seen him level the match. Kamsky and Morozevich go to playoffs but most of the favourites went through without the need for them.

Sam Shankland scored the surprise of the first round by eliminating Peter Leko. Prior to the match Shankland had already got a plane ticket home which he will now have to change. Shankland has returned to college after spending some time as a professional but since then has scored successes in the US Championship and now here. Leko tried the Benoni but it isn't his style and he quickly got a lost position, Shankland didn't press matters but just took the draw which progressed him to the second round. Leko has a tournament coming up in Samara in October I couldn't find out what that was. He was just annoyed at himself at how he drifted to a loss on the first game.

The top seeds mostly progressed, Sergey Karjakin, Vassily Ivanchuk, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Ruslan Ponomariov, Vugar Gashimov, Alexander Grischuk, Teimour Radjabov, Peter Svidler, Judit Polgar, Zoltan Almasi, Dmitry Jakovenko David Navara, Alexei Shirov, Fabiano Caruana, Le Quang Liem all went through without any particular dramas.

Gata Kamsky got a bit too bold with black which he should have been playing for a draw and suffered defeat in game two to Brazilian Diego Di Berardino but he is strong favourite to progress in the rapids. Francisco Vallejo Pons suffered a similar fate againt Jorge Cori from Peru.

Alexandr Fier was completely busted against Wang Yue in game two of their match after his surprise win in game one but nerves and time pressure caused Wang to blow this advantage and be eliminated with a draw.

Women's World Chess Champion Hou Yifan was maybe not to upset to be eliminated as she can now go and play in the 2nd Women's Grand Prix of the 2011-12 series in China. She almost certainly have held in game one and she briefly had an overwhelming position in game two against Sergei Movsesian (28.Rxg7!!) who now goes on to face women's world number one Judit Polgar.

Michael Adams eventually drew against Mark Paragua

Michael Adams eventually drew against Mark Paragua. Photo © FIDE World Cup Khanty Mansiysk 2011 Website

Michael Adams won with black against Mark Paragua in the first game yesterday but got in a horrible mess trying to close the match out. He was completely busted but his opponent was inprecise and allowed Adams to reach a drawn ending which required a long defence but probably wasn't all that difficult.

Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu and Rustam Kasimdzhanov have recently lost rating points and are friends. Neither was best pleased to be paired against each other. Kasimdzhanov won a fine game with black in game one yesterday and held with white, Nisipeanu admitted he didn't have any confidence today it would be otherwise. Kasimdzhanov was annoyed by Korchnoi's recent trenchant criticism that drawn games should be replayed at faster time rates saying that his title of Former World Chess Champion should be removed, even the former, which I guess was a small joke. He said that things shouldn't be so personal in discussing such an issue. My view on Kasimdzhanov's proposal is that it is a grinders charter. Players confident of rapid and blitz skills could grind away over game after game to get the results they want. I th8ink Kasimdzhanov thinks such a proposal would favour him and we would see some exceptionally dull chess.

The controversial Sebastian Feller came back from his day one loss to level his match with Viorel Iordachescu.

Stelios Halkias and Alexander Morozevich go to playoff, neither game was particularly interesting. Morozevich will surely be strong favourite to progress.

Ahmed Adly missed game 2 with Bu Xiangzhi after Kidney health problems (maybe stones). Hospital visit with small operation. Will be fine to travel in a few days and may play in a tournament in Mozambique so he didn't seem to upset to go out.

FIDE World Cup 2011 Khanty-Mansiysk RUS Sun 28th Aug 2011 - Tue 20th Sep 2011
Round 1 Results
Round 1 Match 01
Kaabi, MejdiTUN000
Karjakin, SergeyRUS112
Round 1 Match 02
Ivanchuk, VassilyUKR112
Steel, Henry RobertRSA000
Round 1 Match 03
Ibrahim, HatimEGY000
Mamedyarov, ShakhriyarAZE112
Round 1 Match 04
Ponomariov, RuslanUKR1½1.5
Gwaze, RobertZIM0½0.5
Round 1 Match 05
Hansen, EricCAN000
Gashimov, VugarAZE112
Round 1 Match 06
Grischuk, AlexanderRUS1½1.5
Genba, VladimirRUS0½0.5
Round 1 Match 07
De La Paz Perdomo, FrankCUB000
Radjabov, TeimourAZE112
Round 1 Match 08
Kamsky, GataUSA101
Di Berardino, Diego RafaeBRA011
Round 1 Match 09
Lima, DarcyBRA½00.5
Svidler, PeterRUS½11.5
Round 1 Match 10
Jakovenko, DmitryRUS112
Salem, A.R. SalehUAE000
Round 1 Match 11
Bezgodov, AlexeiRUS½½1
Vitiugov, NikitaRUS½½1
Round 1 Match 12
Almasi, ZoltanHUN112
El Gindy, EssamEGY000
Round 1 Match 13
Cori, JorgePER011
Vallejo Pons, FranciscoESP101
Round 1 Match 14
Navara, DavidCZE112
Kabanov, NikolaiRUS000
Round 1 Match 15
Rahman, ZiaurBAN½00.5
Vachier-Lagrave, MaximeFRA½11.5
Round 1 Match 16
Dominguez Perez, LeinierCUB1½1.5
Moradiabadi, ElshanIRI0½0.5
Round 1 Match 17
Ivanov, AlexanderUSA112
Wang, HaoCHN000
Round 1 Match 18
Leko, PeterHUN0½0.5
Shankland, Samuel LUSA1½1.5
Round 1 Match 19
Esen, BarisTUR½00.5
Moiseenko, AlexanderUKR½11.5
Round 1 Match 20
Le, Quang LiemVIE1½1.5
Megaranto, SusantoINA0½0.5
Round 1 Match 21
Paragua, MarkPHI0½0.5
Adams, MichaelENG1½1.5
Round 1 Match 22
Shirov, AlexeiESP1½1.5
Leon Hoyos, ManuelMEX0½0.5
Round 1 Match 23
Guliyev, NamigAZE000
Jobava, BaadurGEO112
Round 1 Match 24
Caruana, FabianoITA1½1.5
Pridorozhni, AlekseiRUS0½0.5
Round 1 Match 25
Ortiz Suarez, Isan ReynalCUB000
Nepomniachtchi, IanRUS112
Round 1 Match 26
Bacrot, EtienneFRA½½1
Robson, RayUSA½½1
Round 1 Match 27
Fier, AlexandrBRA1½1.5
Wang, YueCHN0½0.5
Round 1 Match 28
Tomashevsky, EvgenyRUS112
Zhao, Zong-YuanAUS000
Round 1 Match 29
Babula, VlastimilCZE½00.5
Efimenko, ZaharUKR½11.5
Round 1 Match 30
Malakhov, VladimirRUS½½1
Felgaer, RubenARG½½1
Round 1 Match 31
Vorobiov, Evgeny E.RUS½½1
Sutovsky, EmilISR½½1
Round 1 Match 32
Movsesian, SergeiARM112
Hou, YifanCHN000
Round 1 Match 33
Corrales Jimenez, FidelCUB000
Polgar, JuditHUN112
Round 1 Match 34
Fressinet, LaurentFRA112
Jumabayev, RinatKAZ000
Round 1 Match 35
Zherebukh, YaroslavUKR½½1
Eljanov, PavelUKR½½1
Round 1 Match 36
Berkes, FerencHUN1½1.5
Mareco, SandroARG0½0.5
Round 1 Match 37
Kazhgaleyev, MurtasKAZ½00.5
Andreikin, DmitryRUS½11.5
Round 1 Match 38
Morozevich, AlexanderRUS½½1
Halkias, SteliosGRE½½1
Round 1 Match 39
Filippov, AntonUZB112
Zhigalko, SergeiBLR000
Round 1 Match 40
Riazantsev, AlexanderRUS1½1.5
Bluvshtein, MarkCAN0½0.5
Round 1 Match 41
Drozdovskij, YuriUKR½½1
Motylev, AlexanderRUS½½1
Round 1 Match 42
Wojtaszek, RadoslawPOL112
Pashikian, ArmanARM000
Round 1 Match 43
Shulman, YuriUSA½½1
Potkin, VladimirRUS½½1
Round 1 Match 44
Nielsen, Peter HeineDEN½½1
Postny, EvgenyISR½½1
Round 1 Match 45
Romanov, EvgenyRUS½00.5
Grachev, BorisRUS½11.5
Round 1 Match 46
Inarkiev, ErnestoRUS1½1.5
Salgado Lopez, IvanESP0½0.5
Round 1 Match 47
Gupta, AbhijeetIND½11.5
Mamedov, RaufAZE½00.5
Round 1 Match 48
Kobalia, MikhailRUS½½1
Lysyj, IgorRUS½½1
Round 1 Match 49
Socko, BartoszPOL0½0.5
Bologan, ViktorMDA1½1.5
Round 1 Match 50
Bu, XiangzhiCHN112
Adly, AhmedEGY000
Round 1 Match 51
Ivanisevic, IvanSRB½00.5
Onischuk, AlexanderUSA½11.5
Round 1 Match 52
Bruzon Batista, LazaroCUB½½1
Quesada Perez, YunieskyCUB½½1
Round 1 Match 53
Parligras, Mircea-EmilianROU112
Yu, YangyiCHN000
Round 1 Match 54
Korobov, AntonUKR112
Zhou, JianchaoCHN000
Round 1 Match 55
Rodshtein, MaximISR0½0.5
Harikrishna, P.IND1½1.5
Round 1 Match 56
Li, Chao bCHN½00.5
Nguyen, Ngoc Truong SonVIE½11.5
Round 1 Match 57
Nisipeanu, Liviu-DieterROU0½0.5
Kasimdzhanov, RustamUZB1½1.5
Round 1 Match 58
Akopian, VladimirARM000
Negi, ParimarjanIND112
Round 1 Match 59
Iordachescu, ViorelMDA101
Feller, SebastienFRA011
Round 1 Match 60
Timofeev, ArtyomRUS½00.5
Azarov, SergeiBLR½11.5
Round 1 Match 61
Khairullin, IldarRUS½½1
Ni, HuaCHN½½1
Round 1 Match 62
Fridman, DanielGER½11.5
Lupulescu, ConstantinROU½00.5
Round 1 Match 63
Ragger, MarkusAUT½½1
Alekseev, EvgenyRUS½½1
Round 1 Match 64
So, WesleyPHI½½1
Ding, LirenCHN½½1

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