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FIDE World Chess Championship Anand-Carlsen 2013 (Closing ceremony)

Carlsen promises to continue to go his own way as he receives Trophy

Prize giving with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Ms J Jayalalitha, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Magnus Carlsen. Photo ©

Prize giving with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Ms J Jayalalitha, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Magnus Carlsen. Photo © |

Magnus Carlsen was crowned World Chess Champion in a 15 minute ceremony on Monday 25th November 2013. 500 people attended the closing ceremony where Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Ms J Jayalalitha handed over the winner's wreath (always a great touch I feel) and trophy to Magnus Carlsen. alongside FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. Former champion Viswanathan Anand received a beautiful silver salver before Carlsen was presented with an extremely spectacular and heavy winner's trophy.

Below some news of an interesting Carlsen interview, his revelation he didn't have any seconds in Chennai and 2014 schedule.

What next for Carlsen?

Magnus Carlsen with his wreath

Magnus Carlsen with his wreath. Photo ©

Carlsen gave a very interesting interview to Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten in which he said he would be an active tournament player as well as defending his world championship. He said "I have already made my mind up on some thoughts about what I will do there [in Zurich his next tournament] that I have not done before." and also says he has ideas about what he will do differently in preparing for his next World Championship match. He said he won't be saving himself or his preparation for the world championship. Both are priorities for him.

Carlsen worked with Jon Ludvig Hammer via Skype

Anand's Trophy

Anand's Trophy. Photo ©

The big post-match surprise was the revelation that Carlsen didn't have had any seconds in Chennai and during the match seems to have mostly communicated with Jon Ludvig Hammer via skype and email whilst he was based in Norway. Hammer seems to have worked with other seconds and was the one responsible with communicating with Carlsen. Instead in Chennai Carlsen was surrounded by friends and family to support him throughout the match. This is entirely in tune with his individual approach to chess. He is said to have only spend an average of 90 minutes preparing for each game although he confirmed earlier that he concentrated on openings in preparation for the match and that surely involved some very deep work.

Carlsen in 2014

Prize giving with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Ms J Jayalalitha, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Magnus Carlsen

Prize giving with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Ms J Jayalalitha, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Magnus Carlsen. Photo ©

Carlsen's 2014 schedule is already filling up quite nicely. Carlsen will no doubt be busy with press and sponsorship commitments over the next few weeks and there will be a trip to the US in January. His first post-championship tournament will be the Zurich Chess Challenge 29 Jan to 4 Feb 2014. Carlsen has already committed to the Norway Chess tournament in June, and playing for Norway in the Olympiad in Tromso at the start of August. I expect Carlsen to play in the 2nd Sinquefield Cup again in St Louis probably in September although there is no confirmation of that. Carlsen is scheduled to defend his title in November 2014.

Security and chaos

Tight security

Tight security. Photo ©

Security was tight for the ceremony with an armed guard and very tough security officers who were clearly on hand to protect Ms J Jayalalitha.

There was more chaos after the ceremony finished as photographers scrabbled for photos of Carlsen with his gold medal, also awarded at the ceremony. There was security on hand but it was mostly Henrik Carlsen who tried to bring the photography to an end and create some space for his son.

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