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Chinese Team Championships 2012 (Games and Results)

Chinese League 2012

Hou Yifan at the Women's Grand Prix in Kazan. Photo ©

Hou Yifan at the Women's Grand Prix in Kazan. Photo © |

The Chinese league is a marathon event over 22 rounds. Rounds: Beijing 28th Apr - May 1st, Taizhou 27th-29th June, Tianjin 12th-14th July, Shenzhen 14th-17th Sept, Hangzhou 6th-9th October and finally Tianjin 19th-22nd Dec 2012. (info Round 5 saw Hou Yifan start with a loss to Bu Xiangzhi, she really is playing too much chess right now with travel thrown in as well!

Chinese League 2012 (Hangzhou CHN)
Sat 28th Apr 2012 - Tue 9th Oct 2012 - Official Site - Results - Live

TCh-CHN 2012 (90 players 22 Rds League Club TC:90m+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games

TCh-CHN 2012 (90 players 22 Rds League Club TC: 90m+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games


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TCh-CHN 2012 Beijing CHN Sat 28th Apr 2012 - Tue 9th Oct 2012
Leading Final Round 22 Standings:
16Shanghai Jianqiao Academy Team2215343466.5
24Beijing AIGO Team2213363266.5
38Jiangsu Taizhou Team2214533165.5
42Chongqing Team2212732761.5
59Shandong Gree Team229762459.0
63Tianjin Qin Huangdao Team2211922457.0
712Wuxi Huafang Construction Team227962052.5
811Hebei Sports Lottery Team2251161645.5
97Guangdong Huateng Club Team2251251547.5
1010Qingdao School Team2231091546.0
111Zhejiang Yinzhou Team2241261448.0
125Chengdu Bank Team2221281244.5
12 teams

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