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Bunratty Masters 2012 (Games and Results)

Bunratty Masters 2012

The Bunratty Masters took place 17th - 19th February 2012. Nigel Short, Michael Adams and Gawain Jones finished on 5/6. Michael Adams won the title after beating Nigel Short in a blitz play-off game that doesn't seem to be available. Keith Arkell and Constantin Istratescu were half a point further back. Andrei Istratescu (who defaulted his Sunday morning game), Malcolm Pein and Simon Ansell finished on 4 points. There is now a nice report on the event by Gerry Graham.

Bunratty Chess Festival 2012 (Bunratty IRL)
Fri 17th Feb 2012 - Sun 19th Feb 2012 - Official Site - Live

Bunratty Open (6 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:90m+15spm) - Games in PGN: Games

Bunratty Open (6 Rds Swiss Indiv TC: 90m+15spm) - Games in PGN: Games


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Bunratty Open Bunratty IRL Fri 17th Feb 2012 - Sun 19th Feb 2012
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
1Short, NigelGM26411111½½5.02796
2Adams, MichaelGM270911½1½15.02772
3Jones, Gawain C.GM256611½1+½5.02680
4Arkell, Keith C.GM25021½½½114.52560
5Ionescu, ConstantinGM24531½½½114.52514
6Istratescu, AndreiGM26131110-14.02665
7Pein, MalcolmIM24101011½½4.02494
8Ansell, SimonIM241710½1½14.02440
9Hebden, MarkGM25501101½03.52472
10Galego, LuisGM2496110½103.52458
11Williams, Simon K.GM2513½110103.52448
12Trent, LawrenceIM2240=110013.52420
13Collins, Sam E.IM2440110½½½3.52388
14Baburin, AlexanderGM24821½01½½3.52330
15Lopez, AlexIM240010½1½½3.52395
16Short, PhilipFM2218010½113.52244
17Rendle, ThomasIM23691½½½013.52419
18Fitzsimons, David22651010½13.52218
19Griffiths, Ryan-RhysFM2326101½½03.02326
20Orr, MarkIM219201½10½3.02269
21Donaldson, JohnIM2390101½½03.02328
22Quinn, MarkIM23961010103.02313
23Cooper, LawrenceIM23261½½½0½3.02335
24Regan, NatashaWIM2096½0½½½13.02078
25Murphy, Oissine19000½10½+3.02032
26Osborne, Sam21180011½½3.02123
27Healy, Tom1983=00½+13.01955
28Berry, NeilFM22511½½00½2.52188
29O'Connor, Jonathan2064010½102.52147
30Maroroa, Sue199001½0012.52099
31Fox, Anthony20780½½10½2.52060
32Courtney, John2000010½102.52099
33Doyle, Hugh1948001½½½2.52079
34Moynihan, Kieran21020½½½102.52054
35Cafolla, Peter2002010=012.52080
36Duffy, Seamus20010½½0102.01940
37Quinn, Rory2107001½½-2.01997
38O'Donnell, Conor E.1944000+102.01831
39De Jonge, Henk19770½½0102.01968
40Benson, Oisin P.19990001012.01936
41Moran, Stephen1991010½001.51943
42O'Driscoll, Kieran19930010-½1.52006
43Magee, Ronan19570½0½001.01808
44McMorrow, John195100000½0.51662
44 players

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