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Bunratty Masters 2011 (Games and Results)

Bunratty Masters 2011

The Bunratty Masters took place 25th-27th February 2011. Nigel Short, Tony Kosten, Simon Williams, Alex Baburin. Gawain Jones and Malcolm Pein were amongst the competitors. Gawain Jones took clear first place with 5/6 including a win against the favourite Nigel Short. Only Jones' wins against Short and Baburin on the white side of an Alekhine's Defence are available.

Bunratty Chess Festival 2011 (Bunratty IRL)
Fri 25th Feb 2011 - Sun 27th Feb 2011 - Official Site

Bunratty Open (6 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:90m) - Games in PGN: Games

Bunratty Open (6 Rds Swiss Indiv TC: 90m) - Games in PGN: Games


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Bunratty Open Bunratty IRL Fri 25th Feb 2011 - Sun 27th Feb 2011
Leading Final Round 6 Standings:
1Gawain JonesGM25035
2Tony KostenGM25294.5
3Ryan-Rhys Griffiths22654.5
4Nigel ShortGM26584
5Simon WilliamsGM25144
6Alexander BaburinGM24824
7Lawrence CooperIM23194
8Sam CollinsIM24513.5
9Malcolm PeinIM24193.5
10Adam HuntIM24003.5
11David Fitzsimons22523.5
12Philip ShortFM22313.5
13Gordon Freeman20723.5
14Sue Maroroa20193.5
15Mark HeidenfeldIM23933
16Cristian DaianuFM22833
17Frans Wolferink21223
18Kieran Moynihan21043
19Sam Osborne20843
20Peter Cafolla20223
21Seamus Duffy19533
22Jonathan O'Connor21112.5
23Raymond Wynarczyk21002.5
24John McMorrow20512.5
25John Courtney18992.5
26Anthony Fox20482
27Hugh Doyle20272
28WFM Alexandra Wilson20202
29Liam Porter19572
30Arno Eliens19552
31Jukka Fehr20031.5
32Kieran O'Riordan19351.5
33Ronan Magee19901
34David Murray20230.5
34 players

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