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ACP Cup Riga 2013 (Games and Results)

ACP Cup Riga 2013

Alexander Grischuk in action in the final against Nepomniachtchi. Photo ©

Alexander Grischuk in action in the final against Nepomniachtchi. Photo © |

The ACP Cup was a rapid knockout tournament in Riga that took place 13th to 15th September 2013. Time control at the initial phase was 25 mins + 10 seconds a move although there were blitz TBs 3m+2spm and Armageddon at 5mvs4m+3spm.

Alexander Grischuk beat Ian Nepomniachtchi in the final only after winning a final Armageddon blitz game with white. Before that two exciting rapid games were drawn and they shared wins in the blitz. Ruslan Ponomariov finished in joint 3rd and looked impressive up to beating Nepomniatchi in the 1st semi-final game but then losing the remaining games having previously eliminated Morozevich and Mamedyarov. Peter Svidler too was going fine before running into Grischuk. There was fine live video commentary mixing Russian and English between different sessions. ACP President Emil Sutovsky and Alexei Shirov were key figures in the organisation of the event together with the Latvian Chess Federation and sponsor Rietumu Bank. It seems highly likely the event will be repeated next year. Very impressed with the whole presentation.

ACP Cup 2013 (Riga LAT)
Fri 13th Sep 2013 - Sun 15th Sep 2013 - Official Site - Live

ACP Cup 2013 (16 players 4 Rds KO Indiv TC:25m+10spm) - Games in PGN: Games

ACP Cup 2013 (16 players 4 Rds KO Indiv TC: 25m+10spm) - Games in PGN: Games


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ACP Cup 2013 Riga LAT Fri 13th Sep 2013 - Sun 15th Sep 2013
Leading Final Round 4 Standings:
1Grischuk, AlexanderGMRUS2785
2Nepomniachtchi, IanGMRUS2717
3Svidler, PeterGMRUS2746
3Ponomariov, RuslanGMUKR2756
5Mamedyarov, ShakhriyarGMAZE2775
5Radjabov, TeimourGMAZE2733
5Malakhov, VladimirGMRUS2707
5Wojtaszek, RadoslawGMPOL2701
9Morozevich, AlexanderGMRUS2739
9Ivanchuk, VassilyGMUKR2731
9Eljanov, PavelGMUKR2706
9Shirov, AlexeiGMLAT2696
9Fressinet, LaurentGMFRA2708
9Jakovenko, DmitryGMRUS2724
9Moiseenko, AlexanderGMUKR2706
9Kovalenko, IgorGMLAT2644
16 players

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