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8th World Team Championship 2011 (4)

Azerbaijan beat Russia in day of surprises

Ivanchuk lost to Leko who played his Marshall Defence to the Ruy Lopez. Photo © Gu Xiaobing

Ivanchuk lost to Leko who played his Marshall Defence to the Ruy Lopez. Photo © Gu Xiaobing |

After a day where three of the top four teams lost Armenia retook lead after the 4th round of the 8th World Team Championship in Ningbo, China. Azerbaijan comfortably beat Russia 3-1 with wins for Gashimov against Grischuk and Guseinov against Svidler. The Ukraine haven't look that convincing so far and lost to Hungary thanks to a win on the black side of a Marshall by Leko against Ivanchuk. China crushed USA 3.5-0.5. Armenia beat Egypt comfortably and rested their number one Levon Aronian. Finally India beat Israel after Harikrishna beat Sutovsky, the remaining games being drawn.

Vugar Gashimov beat Alexander Grischuk

Vugar Gashimov beat Alexander Grischuk. Photo © Gu Xiaobing FIDE World Team Championship 2011

Azerbaijan bounced back from their loss to Hungary to beat the top seeds Russia 3-1 in Round 4. Teimour Radjabov brought out his Schliemann Defence to the Ruy Lopez against Sergey Karjakin to hold a comfortable draw. Vugar Gashimov gradually took the initiative after Alexander Grischuk missed the idea of 25...g6 directly eliminating a dangerous e-pawn and had a decisive advantage at first time control. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov looked to be doing well out of the opening, an Advanced French Defence, as black against Ian Nepomnichtchi but eventually the game was drawn by repetition. Peter Svidler's position went downhill fast after Gadir Guseinov got in 26.f5 in a Sicilian Kan, probably Svidler would have been just fine if he had chosen 25...Qb4 or dxe5.

Ivanchuk puzzling over the Marshall Gambit

Ivanchuk puzzling over the Marshall Gambit. Photo © Gu Xiaobing FIDE World Team Championship 2011

Hungary defeated Ukraine 2.5-0.5. Peter Leko scored his first win in the event against Vassily Ivanchuk, and there was no particular surprise that it came on the black side of a Ruy Lopez Marshall, an opening in which he is a renowned expert. Ivanchuk just couldn't find the right way of arranging the Rook and two Bishops he had for a Queen and lost pawns that quickly became the decisive factor. Almasi-Eljanov, Efimenko-Polgar and Balogh-Moiseenko were all drawn without any great moments of interest.

Armenia did their job against the bottom seeds Egpyt winning 3.5-0.5 with only Shoker securing a draw for Egpyt but Bassem Amin blew a decisive advantage against Vladimir Akopian where he won his opponent's queen but later went badly astray. This result took Armenia back to the top of the standings as all their rivals around them lost.

Kamsky got nothing against Wang Hao

Kamsky got nothing against Wang Hao. Photo © Gu Xiaobing FIDE World Team Championship 2011

China crushed the US 3.5-0.5. Kamsky got nothing against Wang Hao. Alexander Onischuk didn't play especially well at the US Championship recently, and here, apart from against Egypt, he has lost all his games, the latest being a terrible loss where his 27...f5 lost almost immediately in a levelish position against Wang Yue. Yuri Shulman was a pawn up against Li Chao but with his pieces in a bit of a tangle and he never solved this problem and ended up losing material defending his king. Yasser Seirawan got some play for lost material against Yu Yangyi but never looked like saving the game.

India beat Israel 2.5-1.5 Emil Sutovsky went astray on the white side of a Berlin Defence and was ground down by Pentala Harikrishna, Sasikiran couldn't quite convert an advantage in an ending against Michael Roiz, Smirin drew against Ganguly and Tamir Tabaty tried long and hard before drawing with Gopal in the final game to finish.

8th World Teams Ningbo CHN Sun 17th Jul 2011 - Wed 27th Jul 2011
Round 4 (of 9) Standings:
1Armenia * 22611.00
2Azerbaijan * 23359.51
3China2 * 59.51
4Russia21 * 3359.00
5Hungary1 * 258.00
6Ukraine * 48.00
7Israel½ * 347.50
8India12 * 37.00
9USA2½1 * 37.00
10Egypt½1½ * 03.50
8th World Teams Ningbo CHN Sun 17th Jul 2011 - Wed 27th Jul 2011
Round 4 on 2011/07/20 at 15:00
Bo.10 RussiaRtg-7 AzerbaijanRtg1 : 3
1.1GMKarjakin Sergey2788-GMRadjabov Teimur2744½ - ½
1.2GMGrischuk Alexander2746-GMGashimov Vugar27600 - 1
1.3GMNepomniachtchi Ian2711-GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar2765½ - ½
1.4GMSvidler Peter2739-GMGuseinov Gadir26250 - 1
Bo.8 UkraineRtg-6 HungaryRtg1½:2½
2.1GMIvanchuk Vassily2768-GMLeko Peter27170 - 1
2.2GMEljanov Pavel2697-GMAlmasi Zoltan2726½ - ½
2.3GMEfimenko Zahar2706-GMPolgar Judit2699½ - ½
2.4GMMoiseenko Alexander2715-GMBalogh Csaba2643½ - ½
Bo.9 IsraelRtg-5 IndiaRtg1½:2½
3.1GMSutovsky Emil2700-GMHarikrishna Pentala26690 - 1
3.2GMRoiz Michael2669-GMSasikiran Krishnan2681½ - ½
3.3GMSmirin Ilya2676-GMGanguly Surya Shekhar2627½ - ½
3.4GMNabaty Tamir2584-GMGopal G.N.2576½ - ½
Bo.1 USARtg-4 ChinaRtg½ :3½
4.1GMKamsky Gata2741-GMWang Hao2718½ - ½
4.2GMOnischuk Alexander2675-GMWang Yue27090 - 1
4.3GMShulman Yuri2617-GMLi Chao B26690 - 1
4.4GMSeirawan Yasser2635-GMYu Yangyi26720 - 1
Bo.2 ArmeniaRtg-3 EgyptRtg3½: ½
5.1GMMovsesian Sergei2700-GMAdly Ahmed26311 - 0
5.2GMAkopian Vladimir2667-GMAmin Bassem26091 - 0
5.3GMSargissian Gabriel2663-IMShoker Samy2475½ - ½
5.4GMHovhannisyan Robert2556-IMEzat Mohamed24301 - 0

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