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8th World Team Championship 2011 (9)

Armenia take 8th World Chess Teams Title

Top scorer Wang Yue with 7/9. Photo © Gu Xiaobing.

Top scorer Wang Yue with 7/9. Photo © Gu Xiaobing. |

Armenia won the 8th World Team Championship in Ningbo China. They scored 14 points and were the only undefeated team winning five matches and drawing four. They were a point clear of China who in turn were a point clear of Ukraine. Russia lost to India in the final round and finished outside the medals. Final Round report and event round up below.

Armenia 2-2 Ukraine

Ukraine against Armenia

Ukraine against Armenia. Photo © Gu Xiaobing FIDE World Team Championship 2011

Armenia and Ukraine drew 2-2 in the final round of the 8th World Team Championship. The games seem to have all been agreed drawn at the same time as part of a package deal arranged by the captains. In my view this traditional practice of agreeing results as part of team orders should have long since have been been banned. Sofia rules are in order. Communication with outsiders, in this case captains, is just plain wrong.

The Ivanchuk-Aronian final position was very sharp but balanced. Movsesian-Eljanov and Efimenko-Akopian were drawish. Armenia needed just a draw for the title and Ukraine at least stood a chance of bronze with a draw, especially with Russia messing things up. So the fact that Sarigissian was much better against Moiseenko was probably why the deal went ahead.

China 2.5-1.5 Hungary

Li Chao against Judit Polgar

Li Chao against Judit Polgar. Photo © Gu Xiaobing FIDE World Team Championship 2011

The Chinese team did what they could to put pressure on Armenia. It is my interpretation of the tie-breaks that if Armenia had lost by any score then China would have taken the title. They beat Hungary 2.5-1.5 with Wang Hao drawing with the ever solid Peter Leko, and Yu Yangyi going down in an entertainingly wild struggle. However Wang Yue, top scorer in the whole event defeated Zoltan Almasi (again decent position wrecked on the run up to first time control) and Judit Polgar too went astray in this phase to lose to Li Chao.

India 2.5-1.5 Russia

Pentala Harikrishna against Alexander Grischuk

Pentala Harikrishna against Alexander Grischuk. Photo © Gu Xiaobing FIDE World Team Championship 2011

Russia had a good chance of a medal going into the final round but went down to a surprise loss to India. Peter Svidler lost to Surya Shekar Ganguly on the black side of a Modern Defence, this was a sharp way to play for a win but things can go very wrong for black with the slightest inaccuracy which is what seems to have happened here. Grischuk won a nice game for Russia against Pentala Harikrishna but Ian Nepomniachtchi went astray in trying to exploit a tiny advantage against Krishnan Sasikiran and Nikita Vitiugov couldn't make anything of an advantage against Parimarjan Negi. The Russian team is the best financed side, has Evgeny Bareev as captain and even arrived a week early to acclimatise so their result can be accounted a total failure, as was the overall performance of their Ukrainian recruit Sergey Karjakin with 2/6.

USA 2.5-1.5 Isreal

Yasser Seirawan

Yasser Seirawan. Photo © Gu Xiaobing FIDE World Team Championship 2011

USA completed a reasonably successful event with a 2.5-1.5 victory over Israel to finish 6th. Israel just collapsed towards the end after a reasonable start. Sutovsky-Kamsky, Onischuk-Roiz and Smirin-Seirawan were all drawn. Robert Hess took his score to 3.5/6 with a win against Evgeny Postny.

Gata Kamsky

Gata Kamsky. Photo © Gu Xiaobing FIDE World Team Championship 2011

Azerbaijan 2.5-1.5 Egypt

Teimour Radjabov against Ahmed Adly

Teimour Radjabov against Ahmed Adly. Photo © Gu Xiaobing FIDE World Team Championship 2011

It is a shame Egypt didn't manage to get on the scoresheet as they fought gamely throughout in spite of being vastly outrated on each board in all of the matches. Here they were rewarded with a win for Samy Shoker who ground down World Championship Candidate Shakhriyar Mamedyarov in an ending. Shoker scored a very creditable 4/9 in the event. Mohamed Ezat picked up another good draw against Gadir Guseinov. Teimour Radjabov beat Ahmed Adly (he had a really tough time on top board) and Gashimov beat Bassem Amin. Azerbaijan's result, along with that of Russia can be counted as the most disappointing for them in the event.

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov. Photo © Gu Xiaobing FIDE World Team Championship 2011

Player's Performances

Top scorer with 7/9 Wang Yue

Top scorer with 7/9 Wang Yue. Photo © Gu Xiaobing FIDE World Team Championship 2011

Wang Yue had the best score in the event with 7/9 on board 2. Although Wang Hao's 6/9 as top performer on board 1 was probably almost as good. Gata Kamsky was second best and Teimour Radjabov 3rd. Peter Leko scored the same with a very solid return (all 5.5/9). Levon Aronian scored a respectable 5/8. Sergey Karjakin's 2/7 was a disaster.

Ian Nepomniachtchi and Vladimir Akopian scored 6/9 on board 3, Polgar made 5/9.

Alexander Moiseenko 6/8 was the top scorer on board 4. Yasser Seirawan's 4.5/7 was very respectible indeed and is promising for the future of the US Olympiad team who could probably do with his experience.

8th World Teams Ningbo CHN Sun 17th Jul 2011 - Wed 27th Jul 2011
Final Individual Performances
1GMWang Yue2709China7.0977.82
2GMMoiseenko Alexander2715Ukraine6.0875.03
3GMWang Hao2718China6.0966.71
4GMMovsesian Sergei2700Armenia6.0966.71
5GMNepomniachtchi Ian2711Russia6.0966.72
6GMAkopian Vladimir2667Armenia6.0966.72
7GMGrischuk Alexander2746Russia5.5868.81
8GMKamsky Gata2741USA5.5961.11
9GMRadjabov Teimur2744Azerbaijan5.5961.11
10GMLeko Peter2717Hungary5.5961.11
11GMAronian Levon2805Armenia5.0862.51
12GMLi Chao B2669China5.0862.53
13GMBalogh Csaba2643Hungary5.0862.54
14GMIvanchuk Vassily2768Ukraine5.0955.61
15GMGashimov Vugar2760Azerbaijan5.0955.62
16GMPolgar Judit2699Hungary5.0955.63
17GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar2765Azerbaijan5.0955.63
18GMSeirawan Yasser2635USA4.5764.33
19GMSasikiran Krishnan2681India4.5950.02
20GMSargissian Gabriel2663Armenia4.5950.03
21GMVitiugov Nikita2733Russia4.0666.74
22GMEfimenko Zahar2706Ukraine4.0850.02
23GMGanguly Surya Shekhar2627India4.0850.03
24IMShoker Samy2475Egypt4.0944.43
25GMHess Robert2609USA3.5658.34
26GMSvidler Peter2739Russia3.5750.03
27GMOnischuk Alexander2675USA3.5843.82
28GMNabaty Tamir2584Israel3.5843.84
29GMHarikrishna Pentala2669India3.5938.91
30GMAlmasi Zoltan2726Hungary3.5938.92
31GMRoiz Michael2669Israel3.0742.91
32GMEljanov Pavel2697Ukraine3.0742.92
33GMSmirin Ilya2676Israel3.0742.92
34GMDing Liren2654China2.5462.54
35GMNegi Parimarjan2642India2.5641.73
36IMEzat Mohamed2430Egypt2.5735.74
37GMGuseinov Gadir2625Azerbaijan2.0450.04
38GMKarjakin Sergey2788Russia2.0633.31
39GMYu Yangyi2672China2.0633.33
40GMSutovsky Emil2700Israel2.0728.61
41GMAreshchenko Alexander2682Ukraine1.5437.54
42GMMamedov Rauf2679Azerbaijan1.5530.03
43GMShulman Yuri2617USA1.5625.02
44GMPostny Evgeny2618Israel1.5721.43
45GMAmin Bassem2609Egypt1.5916.71
46GMHovhannisyan Robert2556Armenia1.01100.04
47GMGopal G.N.2576India1.0425.04
48GMErdos Viktor2613Hungary0.5150.04
49GMEl Gindy Essam2510Egypt0.5412.52
50GMAdly Ahmed2631Egypt0.577.11

Final Standings

8th World Teams Ningbo CHN Sun 17th Jul 2011 - Wed 27th Jul 2011
Final Round 9 Standings:
1Armenia *22221422.50
2China *231322.50
3Ukraine2 *21219.50
4Russia22 *331431021.00
5Hungary1 *2231019.50
6USA2½12 *31018.50
7Azerbaijan223 *32919.00
8India1211 *715.50
9Israel½0½2 *3513.00
10Egypt½½11½1 *09.00
8th World Teams Ningbo CHN Sun 17th Jul 2011 - Wed 27th Jul 2011
Round 9 on 2011/07/26 at 10:00
Bo.5 IndiaRtg-10 RussiaRtg2½:1½
1.1GMHarikrishna Pentala2669-GMGrischuk Alexander27460 - 1
1.2GMSasikiran Krishnan2681-GMNepomniachtchi Ian27111 - 0
1.3GMGanguly Surya Shekhar2627-GMSvidler Peter27391 - 0
1.4GMNegi Parimarjan2642-GMVitiugov Nikita2733½ - ½
Bo.6 HungaryRtg-4 ChinaRtg1½:2½
2.1GMLeko Peter2717-GMWang Hao2718½ - ½
2.2GMAlmasi Zoltan2726-GMWang Yue27090 - 1
2.3GMPolgar Judit2699-GMLi Chao B26690 - 1
2.4GMBalogh Csaba2643-GMYu Yangyi26721 - 0
Bo.7 AzerbaijanRtg-3 EgyptRtg2½:1½
3.1GMRadjabov Teimur2744-GMAdly Ahmed26311 - 0
3.2GMGashimov Vugar2760-GMAmin Bassem26091 - 0
3.3GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar2765-IMShoker Samy24750 - 1
3.4GMGuseinov Gadir2625-IMEzat Mohamed2430½ - ½
Bo.8 UkraineRtg-2 ArmeniaRtg2 : 2
4.1GMIvanchuk Vassily2768-GMAronian Levon2805½ - ½
4.2GMEljanov Pavel2697-GMMovsesian Sergei2700½ - ½
4.3GMEfimenko Zahar2706-GMAkopian Vladimir2667½ - ½
4.4GMMoiseenko Alexander2715-GMSargissian Gabriel2663½ - ½
Bo.9 IsraelRtg-1 USARtg1½:2½
5.1GMSutovsky Emil2700-GMKamsky Gata2741½ - ½
5.2GMRoiz Michael2669-GMOnischuk Alexander2675½ - ½
5.3GMSmirin Ilya2676-GMSeirawan Yasser2635½ - ½
5.4GMPostny Evgeny2618-GMHess Robert26090 - 1

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