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8th World Team Championship 2011 (6)

Armenia extend their lead as rivals draw

Judit Polgar on her birthday shares a joke with Yasser Seirawan as US team captain Ben Finegold looks on. Photo © Gu Xiaobing.

Judit Polgar on her birthday shares a joke with Yasser Seirawan as US team captain Ben Finegold looks on. Photo © Gu Xiaobing. |

Armenia extended their lead to two points after 6 rounds of the 8th World Team Championship in Ningbo, China. Levon Aronian's win against Pentala Harikrishna was the only decisive game in Armenia's victory against India. Russia against Ukraine saw all games drawn and the US drew with Hungary on the back of a fine win by Yasser Seirawan over birthday girl Judit Polgar, Zoltan Almasi leveled the scored.

Levon Aronian

Levon Aronian. Photo © Gu Xiaobing FIDE World Team Championship 2011

Armenia extended their lead to two points as their closest rivals drew whilst they beat India 2.5-1.5. Levon Aronian played one of the games of the round when his aggression paid off against Pentala Harikrishna's Lasker Defence to the Queen's Gambit. He launched a kingside attack with an early g4 and even when the queens came off maintained a bind which he turned very quickly into a decisive advantage. The remaining games were drawn.

Aronian,Levon (2805) - Harikrishna,Pentala (2669) [D56]
8th World Teams Ningbo CHN (6), 23.07.2011

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 d5 4.Nc3 Be7 5.Bg5 h6 6.Bh4 0-0 7.e3 Ne4 8.Bxe7 Qxe7 9.Rc1 c6 10.h4 Nd7 11.g4 e5 12.cxd5 Nxc3 13.Rxc3 cxd5 14.g5 h5 15.Bb5 exd4 16.Qxd4 Qe4 17.Qxe4 dxe4 18.Nd2 Ne5 19.Nxe4 Be6 20.f4 Bd5 21.fxe5 Bxe4 22.0-0 Bd5 23.Bd7 Rfd8 24.Rc7

Pentala Harikrishna


Levon Aronian

Position after 24.Rc7, black is completely tied up.

24...a5 25.a4 Ra6 26.Rf4 Rf8 27.Rd4 Bc6 28.e6 fxe6 29.Bxe6+ Kh8 30.Bf7 Rb6 31.b3 Bf3 32.g6 Rc6 33.Rxc6 bxc6 34.e4 Be2 35.e5 1-0

Russia and Ukraine drew 2-2, the games Karjakin-Ivanchuk, Eljanov-Grischuk, Nepomnichtchi-Efimenko and Moiseenko-Vitiugov were mostly hard fought but there don't seem to have been any clear cut missed chances.

Israel drew 2-2 with Azerbaijan. Emil Sutovsky lost the exchange for a pawn against Teimour Radjabov in a Sicilian and then allowed a mating attack in trying to avoid the exchange of queens. Evgeny Postny leveled the score with a win against Rauf Mamedov in a very lively Czech Benoni where black seemed to have the more threatening position at one stage but eventually white took over the initiative. Tamir Nabaty scored another key result for Israel drawing a very lively struggle with black against Shakhriyar Mamedyarov. Vugar Gashimov went down to King vs King against Ilya Smirin.

Yasser Seirawan

Yasser Seirawan. Photo © Gu Xiaobing FIDE World Team Championship 2011

The USA drew 2-2 with Hungary. Kamsky-Leko and Balough-Hess were both drawn without many dramas. Zoltan Almasi won a level heavy piece ending he never should have against Yuri Shulman. Yasser Seirawan crushed Judit Polgar who had to throw in a rook sacrifice to stave off immediate disaster but not the loss. All this on her birthday.

Seirawan,Yasser (2635) - Polgar,Judit (2699) [E32]
8th World Teams Ningbo CHN (6), 23.07.2011

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Bb4 4.Qc2 0-0 5.a3 Bxc3+ 6.Qxc3 d6 7.Bg5 Nbd7 8.e3 b6 9.Ne2 Ba6 10.Qc2 c5 11.dxc5 bxc5 12.Nc3 Qb6 13.0-0-0 Bb7 14.e4 Rab8 15.Rd2 Rfc8 16.Be2 Ne8 17.f4 Nf8 18.Rhd1 f6 19.Bh4 Ng6 20.g3 Rd8 21.Bg4 e5 22.Be6+ Kf8 23.f5 Ne7 24.g4 h6 25.Bf2 Nc6 26.Nd5 Qa5 27.h4 Nd4 28.Bxd4 cxd4 29.g5 Bxd5 30.exd5 hxg5 31.hxg5 fxg5

Judit Polgar


Yasser Seirawan

Position after 31...fxg5. Black is in horrible trouble after 32.f6!

32.f6 Rxb2 33.Kxb2 Nxf6 34.Ka2 Qc7 35.Rg2 Rc8 36.Bxc8 Qxc8 37.Rxg5 Nxd5 38.Qf5+ Qxf5 39.Rxf5+ Nf6 40.c5 Ke7 41.c6 Nd5 42.Rg1 d3 43.Kb3 Ke6 44.Rfg5 1-0

Judit Polgar's Birthday

Not a good day at the board but it was Polgar's 35th birthday and the organisers produced a cake! Photo © Gu Xiaobing FIDE World Team Championship 2011

Egypt are far and away the lowest rated team, and whilst this is good experience for their players it must be tiring for them that round after round their opponents seek to maximise their score. China won 3.5-0.5 with Samy Shoker getting the only draw against Li Chao.

8th World Teams Ningbo CHN Sun 17th Jul 2011 - Wed 27th Jul 2011
Round 6 (of 9) Standings:
1Armenia * 221016.00
2Russia2 * 32133814.00
3Hungary1 * 22813.50
4China * 2714.50
5Ukraine2 * 712.50
6Azerbaijan32 * 23613.00
7USA212½ * 3612.00
8Israel½½2 * 3510.00
9India211 * 39.50
10Egypt½1½½1 * 05.00
8th World Teams Ningbo CHN Sun 17th Jul 2011 - Wed 27th Jul 2011
Round 6 on 2011/07/23 at 15:00
Bo.10 RussiaRtg-8 UkraineRtg2 : 2
1.1GMKarjakin Sergey2788-GMIvanchuk Vassily2768½ - ½
1.2GMGrischuk Alexander2746-GMEljanov Pavel2697½ - ½
1.3GMNepomniachtchi Ian2711-GMEfimenko Zahar2706½ - ½
1.4GMVitiugov Nikita2733-GMMoiseenko Alexander2715½ - ½
Bo.9 IsraelRtg-7 AzerbaijanRtg2 : 2
2.1GMSutovsky Emil2700-GMRadjabov Teimur27440 - 1
2.2GMSmirin Ilya2676-GMGashimov Vugar2760½ - ½
2.3GMPostny Evgeny2618-GMMamedov Rauf26791 - 0
2.4GMNabaty Tamir2584-GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar2765½ - ½
Bo.1 USARtg-6 HungaryRtg2 : 2
3.1GMKamsky Gata2741-GMLeko Peter2717½ - ½
3.2GMShulman Yuri2617-GMAlmasi Zoltan27260 - 1
3.3GMSeirawan Yasser2635-GMPolgar Judit26991 - 0
3.4GMHess Robert2609-GMBalogh Csaba2643½ - ½
Bo.2 ArmeniaRtg-5 IndiaRtg2½:1½
4.1GMAronian Levon2805-GMHarikrishna Pentala26691 - 0
4.2GMMovsesian Sergei2700-GMSasikiran Krishnan2681½ - ½
4.3GMAkopian Vladimir2667-GMGanguly Surya Shekhar2627½ - ½
4.4GMSargissian Gabriel2663-GMNegi Parimarjan2642½ - ½
Bo.3 EgyptRtg-4 ChinaRtg½ :3½
5.1GMAdly Ahmed2631-GMWang Hao27180 - 1
5.2GMAmin Bassem2609-GMWang Yue27090 - 1
5.3IMShoker Samy2475-GMLi Chao B2669½ - ½
5.4IMEzat Mohamed2430-GMDing Liren26540 - 1

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