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75th Spanish Championship 2011 (Games and Results)

76th Spanish Championship 2011

The 76th Spanish Championship took place in Arenal den Castell on Menorca 15th-23rd October 2011. Alvar Alonso Rosell scored 7/9 and took first place on tie-break. He qualified for the European Individual Championship in Plovdiv in March 2012. Alvar Alonso caught Miguel Illescas Cordoba with a win (totally garbled in transmission) after the latter took a quick draw in the final round against Olga Alexandrova who he out-rated by over 200 points. [I now find out this is a husband and wife team, so that explains the result, but it still cost him the title (a very difficult situation and probably one they didn't expect as her result was so good).] There were 10 games per round broadcast but not all of these games worked so the available game file is a mess, especially rounds 2, 3 and 8. Maybe an official bulletin will appear but no-one seems especially hopeful. I've done my best with the available material. My thanks to Holger Lieske and PlayChess for their help with some missing material.

76th ch-ESP 2011 (Arenal d'en Castell ESP)
Sat 15th Oct 2011 - Sun 23rd Oct 2011 - Official Site - Results - Live

76th ch-ESP (53 players 9 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:90m+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games

76th ch-ESP (53 players 9 Rds Swiss Indiv TC: 90m+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games


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76th ch-ESP Arenal d'en Castell ESP Sat 15th Oct 2011 - Sun 23rd Oct 2011
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1Alonso Rosell AlvarIMESP25017.040.535.00.0
2Illescas Cordoba MiguelGMESP26017.039.538.50.0
3Alexandrova OlgaIMESP23926.541.533.50.0
4Perez Candelario ManuelGMESP25566.
5Arizmendi Martinez Julen LuisGMESP25686.038.532.00.0
6Del Rio De Angelis Salvador GGMESP25276.037.532.50.0
7Cifuentes Parada RobertoGMESP25186.
8Lopez Martinez Josep ManuelGMESP25196.035.527.00.0
9Moreno Ruiz JavierIMESP25365.541.532.00.0
10De La Villa Garcia Jesus MariaGMESP24865.540.532.00.0
11Gonzalez De La Torre SantiagoIMESP24455.535.028.00.0
12Carrasco Martinez Juan MIMESP23745.534.527.50.0
13Fenollar Jorda ManuelFMESP23525.534.527.50.0
14Fernandez Garcia Jose MiguelESP23255.534.027.50.0
15Meneses Gonzalez Kevin MoisesESP21925.533.527.50.0
16Mascaro March PedroIMESP23915.533.527.00.0
17Ladron De Guevara Pinto PaoloESP22925.530.525.50.0
18Vila Gazquez XavierGMESP24655.
19Teran Alvarez IsmaelIMESP24355.
20Espinosa Aranda AngelIMESP23985.
21Garza Marco SergioIMESP24025.
22Pazos Porta AntonioFMESP23105.033.526.00.0
23Gutierrez Olivares DanielESP22575.031.525.50.0
24Cubas Pons Juan MiguelFMESP23405.
25Espineira Gonzalez DiegoFMESP23995.029.522.50.0
26Espineira Gonzalez Pablo DESP21924.534.525.00.0
27Vila Dupla AurelioFMESP21914.534.521.50.0
28Suarez Garcia CarlosESP22544.533.524.50.0
29De La Fuente Gonzalez FranciscCMESP21904.533.522.00.0
30Rodriguez Pineda Daniel MIMESP24284.532.525.00.0
31Pons Sastre SantiagoFMESP23914.531.525.00.0
32Zapata Lopez JulioESP19164.530.020.50.0
33Aguilo Benejam AlfredoESP20724.529.018.00.0
34Villasenor Rubio Emilio JoseESP21074.
35Arboledas Fernandez Antonio AESP21254.030.520.50.0
36Campins Machado FrancescESP17214.
37Fraga Pons Albert BorjaESP04.027.519.00.0
38Villalobos Luque Jose ManuelESP20194.
39Triay Moll LibertoESP18713.528.518.00.0
40Laguardia Ortega MoisesESP20153.528.517.00.0
41Cardona Capo LlorencESP19083.527.016.50.0
42Ladron De Guevara Pinto FerminESP20493.526.014.00.0
43Simo Bordoy GuillermoESP19853.525.517.50.0
44Ribon Calabia MarianoESP18453.525.513.50.0
45Mercadal Benejam JoseESP18693.523.511.50.0
46Zamarbide Inarrea DanielESP22153.
47Serra Planas XavierESP18533.026.515.00.0
48Gomila Gomila PedroESP18753.025.512.00.0
49Gomez Estevez PereESP18733.024.514.00.0
50Triay Moll MiguelESP03.022.512.00.0
51Ciruelos Clerencia Juan ManuelESP16302.520.59.50.0
52Gonzalez Ambros CristianESP16292.
53Pons Tuduri JoseESP02.021.511.00.0
53 players

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