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67th Moscow Blitz Championship 2013 (Games and Results)

67th Moscow Blitz Championship 2013

The crowds were out for the Moscow Blitz. Photo ©

The crowds were out for the Moscow Blitz. Photo © |

The 67th Moscow Blitz Championship took place on 1st September 2013. Sergey Karjakin outlasted a very strong field to take clear first place with 14.5/19. Dreev, Morozevich and Grischuk were amongst those who played in the recent world cup to compete. Prizes were presented by FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. Full report below. Also there was a video broadcast. Some games were recorded in PGN although there were clearly problems. Full report below.

Sergey Karjakin is the Winner of the 67th Moscow Blitz Championship

Report by Eldar Mukhametov Moscow Chess Federation Press Officer.

Results:" and video broadcast

On Sunday September 1st the tradition of Moscow Blitz Chess Championship was upheld for the 67th time at Krasnaya Presnya Park. The tradition of this tournament is that it has always been held outdoors. Notwithstanding the cold and rainy weather, it attracted around 150 participants and many fans. The competition was held with several categories starting immediately and lasted six hours.

Moscow Blitz

Moscow Blitz. Photo ©

The championship was opened by Moscow Chess Federation (MCF) president Vladimir Palikhata. He remarked, "Chess is a unique social phenomenon. In this intellectual game you can play it in any weather outside as well as inside. Chess used to played primarily in yards, on boulevard benches, in parks and in squares. We want to restore this tradition, giving it a new flavor."

Moscow Blitz

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. Photo ©

A notable guest of the tournament was World Chess Federation (FIDE) president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. "The winners of the Moscow Blitz Championship have become legendary chess players – Mikhail Tal, Tigran Petrosian, Vasily Smyslov – I hope that among the participants of today's tournament will be new future champions." said Ilyumzhinov in his welcoming address.

Moscow Blitz

Half time entertainment. Bring on the dancing girls. Photo ©

For this first time the championship held a women veteran's division. The winner was Galina Strutinskaya, the current world champion in this category. The men veteran's division was won by Vladimir Voevodin.

The junior championships were won by Stanislav Romanov (boys) and Anna Vasenina (girls).

In the absence of world blitz champion Valentina Gunina, who was participating in the men's division, the women's division was convincingly won by Daria Charochkina, having a 2.5 point lead over second-place winner Olga Girya. Third place was won by Karina Ambartsumova.

Moscow Blitz

Sergey Karjakin. Photo ©

The main triumph of the 67th Moscow championship was Sergey Karjakin, with the eighth world-highest FIDE rating. On this day he was behond the competition, guaranteeing victory before the final round. Karjakin's result was 14.5 of 19 points. Second place winner Alexander Riazantsev trailed by one point. Third place was taken by Vladimir Malakhov with 13 points. Alexander Morozevich and Alexey Dreev scored 12,5 points and shared 4-5 places.

Moscow Blitz

Moscow Blitz Winners. Photo ©

The award ceremony of the main event and the women's division was hosted by MCF first vice president Nikita Kim and FIDE representative office in Russia director Berik Balgabaev.

67th Moscow Blitz 2013 (Moscow RUS)
Sun 1st Sep 2013 - Sun 1st Sep 2013 - Official Site - Results - Live

67th Moscow Blitz (20 players 19 Rds SRR Indiv TC:3m+2spm) - Games in PGN: Games

67th Moscow Blitz (20 players 19 Rds SRR Indiv TC: 3m+2spm) - Games in PGN: Games


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67th Moscow Blitz Moscow RUS Sun 1st Sep 2013 - Sun 1st Sep 2013
Leading Final Round 19 Standings:
1Karjakin Sergey GMRUS283014.512912
2Riazantsev Alexander GMRUS269013.512012
3Malakhov Vladimir GMRUS270813107.7511
4Dreev Aleksey GMRUS270412.5107.7511
5Morozevich Alexander GMRUS273512.5107.511
6Najer Evgeniy GMRUS267512106.7510
7Grischuk Alexander GMRUS282511.51019
8Savchenko Boris GMRUS268910.593.759
9Glek Igor GMGER25469.5100.758
10Popov Ivan GMRUS25779.5795
11Dubov Daniil GMRUS27259.577.757
12Korotylev Alexey GMRUS25388.5697
13Kovalenko Igor GMLAT26348.566.757
14Eliseev Urii IMRUS25477.5655
15Gunina Valentina GMRUS26047636
16Reshetnikov Alexey IMRUS2528759.56
17Demidov Mikhail IMRUS24976.550.755
18Belous Vladimir GMRUS2666653.755
19Mozharov Mikhail IMRUS25915.546.53
20Ulko Jaroslav IMRUS2471541.254
20 players

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