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4th HD Bank Cup 2014 (Games and Results)

4th HD Bank Cup 2014

The 4th HD Bank Cup took place 10th to 15th March 2014. Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son edged out Zhang Zhong and Le Quang Liem on tie-break after all scored 7/9.

4th HD Bank Cup 2014 (Ho Chi Minh City VIE)
Mon 10th Mar 2014 - Sat 15th Mar 2014 - Official Site - Results - Live

4th HD Bank Cup 2014 (88 players 9 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:90m+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games

4th HD Bank Cup 2014 (88 players 9 Rds Swiss Indiv TC: 90m+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games


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4th HD Bank Cup 2014 Ho Chi Minh City VIE Mon 10th Mar 2014 - Sat 15th Mar 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
13Nguyen Ngoc Truong SonVIE26137.01.5550.5
24Zhang ZhongSIN26007.01.0552.5
31Le Quang LiemVIE27097.00.5654.5
49Nguyen Duc HoaVIE24966.50.0651.5
520Yap Kim StevenPHI24076.50.0649.0
62Ni HuaCHN26586.50.0548.5
742Tran Quoc DungVIE22706.00.0645.5
817Nguyen Van HuyVIE24146.00.0546.5
95Lu ShangleiCHN25586.00.0449.0
1018Prasanna Raghuram RaoIND24106.00.0447.5
118Shyam Sundar M.IND25076.00.0445.5
1223Dimakiling OliverPHI23646.00.0442.5
1368Dang Hoang SonVIE20435.50.0549.0
1431Duong The AnhVIE23355.50.0543.5
1535Yeoh Li TianMAS23205.50.0542.0
1613Kuderinov KirillKAZ24545.50.0445.5
1716Shyam Nikil P.IND24315.50.0444.5
1833Muminova NafisaUZB23225.50.0440.5
1915Tu Hoang ThongVIE24345.50.0439.5
2019Wynn Zaw HtunMYA24085.50.0438.0
2128Sukandar Irine KharismaINA23435.50.0436.0
2211Diu ViacheslavRUS24745.50.0346.0
236Gomez John PaulPHI25345.50.0345.5
2436Fang YanCHN23075.50.0344.0
2532Bersamina PauloPHI23265.50.0339.5
2621Nitin S.IND23785.00.0533.0
2724Pham ChuongVIE23535.00.0445.0
2858Nguyen Anh KhoiVIE21475.00.0444.5
2948Hoang Thi Nhu YVIE22105.00.0437.5
3025Tran Tuan MinhVIE23535.00.0434.0
3112Nguyen Anh DungVIE24695.00.0346.5
3238Vo Thanh NinhVIE22995.00.0346.0
3329Nguyen Van HaiVIE23415.00.0344.0
3414Kashlinskaya AlinaRUS24405.00.0343.0
357Dao Thien HaiVIE25085.00.0341.0
3637Tran Manh TienVIE23044.50.0441.5
3730Boricsev OlegHUN23394.50.0432.0
3847Tin JingyaoSIN22254.50.0348.5
3943Hoang Thi Bao TramVIE22694.50.0344.0
4060Nguyen Sy HungVIE21314.50.0343.5
4140Tran Thanh TuVIE22774.50.0343.0
4252Vo Dai Hoai DucVIE21874.50.0340.0
4334Hoang Canh HuanVIE23214.50.0339.0
4427Pham Le Thao NguyenVIE23494.50.0336.0
4549Pham Duc ThangVIE22014.00.0445.0
4626Emojong ElijahUGA23504.00.0439.0
4755Liu XiangyiSIN21594.00.0347.0
4861Le Hoang Tran ChauVIE21244.00.0345.5
4944Tu Hoang ThaiVIE22504.00.0344.5
5051Vo Thi Kim PhungVIE21974.00.0343.5
80 players

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