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45th Biel Chess Festival 2012 (Carlsen Invitation)

Magnus Carlsen comes back to Biel

Carlsen playing Morozevich at last year's Biel tournament. Photo ©

Carlsen playing Morozevich at last year's Biel tournament. Photo © |

To celebrate its 45th anniversary, the Festival is pleased to announce that World Number 1 Magnus Carlsen, who has already won twice in Biel (2007 and 2011), will come back for the 2012 edition. The Norwegian will replace Leinier Dominguez Perez to take part on Sunday, July 22 in the 45th anniversary blitz tournament and from Monday, July 23, in the Grandmaster Tournament, which will be a category XXI tournament (2756 Elo average) for the first time in its history.

This will be the strongest invitational tournament ever played in Biel and in Switzerland. With Magnus Carlsen (No. 1), Hikaru Nakamura (No. 7) and Alexander Morozevich (No. 9), three members of the Top-10 and four from the Top-15 will be competing, with Wang Hao’s (No. 15) first participation. Etienne Bacrot and Anish Giri will complete the line-up.

BIEL GRANDMASTER TOURNAMENT 2012 Categorie XXI (2756 Elo) 23rd July - 2nd August 2012
1Magnus CarlsenNOR1990, 21 yoFIDE 12837
2Hikaru NakamuraUSA1987, 25 yoFIDE 72778
3Alexander MorozevichRUS1977, 35 yoFIDE 92770
4Wang HaoCHN1989, 23 yoFIDE 152739
5Etienne BacrotFRA1983, 29 yoFIDE 312713
6Anish GiriNED1994, 18 yoFIDE 492696

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