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45th Biel Chess Festival 2012 (Morozevich)

Alexander Morozevich withdraws from Biel Chess tournament due to health issues

Alexander Morozevich at the Opening Ceremony. Photo ©

Alexander Morozevich at the Opening Ceremony. Photo © |

Alexander Morozevich has withdrawn from the Biel Chess tournament. There was an initial announcement that his round 3 game was postponed but then on the official Facebook Feed Stefan Tock said "Official: Due to medical issues Alexander Morozevich has retired from the GM Tournament" and said there would be more news later. The other two games were delayed but eventually started, no doubt there was discussion as to whether a replacement should be allowed. Later it was announced that Victor Bologan would replace him. The first two games will count of wins for Giri and Bacrot and will not be replayed, Bologan will play Carlsen on Sunday. There are three points for a win. Morozevich started with two very disappointing losses and is known to react very badly to reverses for instance at the Tal Memorial one loss brought about near total collapse. However a doctor confirmed to the organisers his inability to go on. See the full text from the organsers below.

Victor Bologan replaces Alexander Morozevich

Due to health issues, Alexander Morozevich retired from the Biel Grandmaster Tournament after Round 2. He has been this Wednesday with the organisers of the Festival to a hospital, where a doctor confirmed, with a medical certificate, his unability [sic] to go on to play the competition. Alexander Morozevich will travel back to Moscow as soon as possible to recover. The length of his healing process is unknown.

After the approval of the players, the organisers could secure a substitute. GM Victor Bologan (Moldova, World No 20, 2732 Elo) takes the place of Alexander Morozevich. He arrived already in Biel. He starts the tournament from Round 3. His game against Magnus Carlsen, scheduled for Wednesday July 25th, will be held on Sunday 29th. Victor Bologan will play his first game on Thursday July 26th against Hikaru Nakamura.

The 3 points of the victories of Anish Giri and Etienne Bacrot, achieved against Alexander Morozevich, are kept. Victor Bologan acccepted to play with two games less.

Biel International Chess Festival Organisation Committee

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