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40th Chess Olympiad Istanbul 2012 (4)

40th Chess Olympiad Istanbul Round 4 2012

Michael Adams against Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. Photo ©

Michael Adams against Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. Photo © |

The 40th Chess Olympiad Istanbul Round 4 took place on Friday 31st August. Live Video - Pairings - Live Games Official.

Leading Round 4 Results Men for Friday: USA 2-2 IND, RUS 3-1 CHN, AZE 2-2 GER, FRA 2-2 ENG, PHI 1.5-2.5 ARM, UKR 3-1 POL, SVK 1-3 HUN, CZE 4-0 NOR, CAN 2.5-1.5 MGL, ARG 2.5-1.5 MEX.

Games by leading players to look out for in Round 4. Nakamura 1-0 Sasikiran, Harikrishna 1-0 Kamsky as USA and India drew 2-2. Wang Hao hung on as black to draw using a fortress against Kramnik, Grischuk beat Wang Yue and the heavy scoring Dmitry Jakovenko (now 4/4) took Russia to a 3-1 win. Radjabov beat Naiditsch but Fridman's win against Guseinov saw Azerbaijan and Germany draw 2-2. Vachier-Adams and Edouard-Short were two of the four draws in England 2-2 France. Wesley So drew with Aronian but Armenia beat Philippines in the match thanks to a Sargissian's win on board 4. Ivanchuk 1-0 Wojtaszek was a top board win for Ukraine who beat Poland 3-1 with only a win for Dariusz Swiercz vs Moiseienko as compensation. Eid 0-1 Topalov in Bulgaria's 3.5-0.5 win against Lebanon. Gelfand drew with Kazhgaleyev in Israel's 2.5-1.5 win against Kazakhstan where the bottom 2 boards won it for Isreal after Sutovsky's loss to Jumabayev. Vladimir Georgiev drew with Shirov as Macedonia beat Latvia. Ivan Morovic drew on top board against Caruana in Italy's narrow 2.5-1.5 win against Chile.

Olympiad Round 5 on Saturday: See the battle of the 4 remaining teams on 4 wins from 4. ARM-UKR, HUN-RUS.

Other top pairings: GER-MNE, CRO-FRA, USA-CZE, CAN-AZE, IND-ENG (all 7 pts), POL (6pts) vs ARG (7).

Women's Olympiad: RUS-FRA is the only match with teams on 100%. SRB-BUL, GRE-POL, GEO-UKR, LAT-SVK, CHN-IND all on 7pts.

A selection of games now available.

Wang Hao was pleased to hold on in the end against Kramnik

Wang Hao was pleased to hold on in the end against Kramnik. Photo ©

Hou Yifan was held by Elisabeth Paehtz

Hou Yifan was held by Elisabeth Paehtz in the women's Olympiad. The European Union dress code forbids hats unless worn for religious purposes. This was brought in for fear of them being used to conceal communication devices. I assume these rules don't apply to Olympiads. Nice hat. Photo ©

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