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39th Greek Teams 2011 (Games and Results)

39th Greek Teams 2011

The Greek Team Championship took place in Eretria 3rd-8th July 2011. 7 round team event over 8 boards. Each team had 3 men, 1 woman, 2 juniors (U-18 and U-12) and two girls (U-18 and U-16). Up to two foreigners (non-Greek) were allowed. Last year's champions of P.S. Peristeri were the big favourites again and retained their title, with GMs Ivanchuk (2768), Judit Polgar (2699), Halkias (2600), Kotronias (2588) and Banikas (2593) and they were also strong in the lower boards. S.O. Kavalas (with GMs Papaioannou, 2592, D. Antic, 2487 and Skembris, 2475) finished second. Other top-players who included: GMs Navara (2722), Naiditsch (2706), P.H. Nielsen (2681), Bologan (2678), Kryvoruchko (2652), Ragger (2651), Atalik (2619), Em. Berg (2604), Kempinski (2600), Cmilyte (2528), Stefanova (2524), Cramling (2472) etc. Final version of the games section.

39th TCh-GRE 2011 (Eretria GRE)
Sun 3rd Jul 2011 - Fri 8th Jul 2011 - Official Site - Results - Live

39th TCh-GRE 2011 (529 players 7 Rds Swiss Club ) - Games in PGN: Games

39th TCh-GRE 2011 (529 players 7 Rds Swiss Club ) - Games in PGN: Games


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39th TCh-GRE 2011 Eretria GRE Sun 3rd Jul 2011 - Fri 8th Jul 2011
Leading Final Round 7 Standings:
11SS Peristeri760113323.542.0
22CC Kavala740311286.034.0
38HRC Korydallos751111237.532.0
47E.O.A.O. Fysiolatris Nikaia751111215.031.0
56ES Thessaloniki752010234.533.5
65Chess Academy Thes. Galaxias74219217.032.0
713Heraklion CC74219195.531.0
812Chess Union Amfissa74219192.030.5
910Panionios G.S.S. 221074219170.030.0
103Chania Chess Academy74308213.031.0
114AO Kydon Chania74308212.030.5
1224N.O. Kalamatas Poseidon73228177.529.5
1319Culture Club Florinas73228169.026.0
1416Ptolemaida Ptolemaios CC73228165.030.0
169OS Triandria73317196.529.0
1722O.A.A. Heraklion73317179.528.5
1820SK. AK. Chalkidos Palamidis The Evvoefs73317166.028.5
1915F.O. New Irakleion Attica73317149.027.5
2028Peiraikos OS73317121.526.5
2117Aigaleo CC72326157.031.5
2225Ilioupolis CC73406151.026.5
2314S.A.S. Koropiou72326144.527.0
2418Kallithea CC72326125.024.0
2529CC Patron73406120.027.5
2626AO Zenon Glyfadas7340698.524.0
2731CC Ikaria J. Tzelepis72415130.026.0
2823Polichni CC72415126.522.5
2921Chess Academy of Gazi 209972504140.529.5
3032CC Amfissa7250481.019.5
3134Association of Chess Players of Ioannina7250469.021.0
3333Chess Union Kalamata7160263.516.5
3430Aigialeias Chess Union7070096.022.0
34 teams

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