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37th Taminco Open 2014 (Games and Results)

37th Taminco Open 2014

The 37th Taminco Open took place 19th to 23rd July 2014. Attila Czebe won with 8/9.

37th Taminco Open 2014 (Ghent BEL)
Sat 19th Jul 2014 - Wed 23rd Jul 2014 - Official Site

37th Taminco Open 2014 (9 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:120m) - Games in PGN: Games

37th Taminco Open 2014 (9 Rds Swiss Indiv TC: 120m) - Games in PGN: Games


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37th Taminco Open 2014 Ghent BEL Sat 19th Jul 2014 - Wed 23rd Jul 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1CZEBE A.IGMHUN24398.02617
2SADIKHOV U.FMBEL23887.5249839.5
3SRIRAM J.IGMIND23757.5248339.0
4VAN DEN DOEL E.IGMNED25477.5250238.5
5ERNST T.IGMSWE23927.0249839.52282
6HOVHANNISYAN M.IMBEL25157.0247939.52263
7FROEYMAN H.FMBEL23337.0238336.5
8KLUNDT K.IMGER23147.0237036.0
9SADKOWSKI D.FMBEL22937.0230235.0
10MEIJERS V.IGMLAT24756.5240037.5
11BOKROS A.IMHUN24856.5237837.0
12DECOSTER F.FMBEL23296.5232336.0
13VAN DER STRICHT G.IMBEL23616.5227835.5
14VAN BAARLE J.FMNED22086.5224034.02074
15GOORMACHTIGH J.FMBEL22036.5224034.02074
16HUHNDORF A.FMGER22736.5223734.02071
17GHYSELEN W.BEL21246.5226933.5
18ROOS D.BEL21016.5221032.0
19VINKE M.NED21326.5219731.52031
20WILLEMSMA A.NED20946.5216531.51999
21LAMMENS T.FMNED23146.5216731.0
22SZEBERENYI A.IMHUN23166.0233035.0
23MC MICHAEL R.FMENG22066.0230234.52181
24STONE A.ENG22046.0225534.52134
25MARHOLEV D.IMBUL23496.0226034.0
26LACROSSE M.FMBEL21826.0225333.02132
27BOONS P.BEL20776.0222733.02106
28VERSTRAETEN R.FMBEL22986.0220333.02082
29MONTES GUTIÉRREZ I.ESP22886.0218833.02067
30BARENDSE T.NED21376.0221332.02123
31CLEMENS A.FMNED21876.0216432.02043
32DYCKMANS B.BEL21626.0215431.02033
33VERHAEREN G.BEL21426.0215331.02032
34DE JONG J.NED21016.0212230.52001
35HEKHUIS J.NED20826.0211530.51994
36LERUSTE G.FRA21836.0215530.02034
37SCHUERMANS R.FMBEL21076.0213930.02018
38DU PONT D.BEL20846.0213330.02012
39DE KRUIF K.NED19276.0206230.01941
40BLEYS M.BEL20406.0212129.52000
41VAN KESSEL W.BEL20016.0208429.51963
42BIEN S.GER21166.0206529.51944
43MEESSEN R.FMBEL22796.0209429.0
44VAN DE VAERD M.BEL19306.0204528.0
45SCHEERMEIJER R.NED19306.0200427.5
46VERBAKEN O.NED21085.5227533.52196
47VAN DEN DIKKENBERG E.FMNED21905.5220633.52127
48SARRAU J.FMBEL23255.5219333.0
49STAM H.NED20895.5213832.0
50KITZE A.GER20585.5213931.02060
286 players

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