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34th Andorra Open 2016 (Games and Results)

34th Andorra Open 2016

The 34th Andorra Open took place in Escaldes 3rd-11th August 2016. Jorge Cori won with 7.5/9 half a point clear of a big group on 7/9 including Julio Granda Zuniga, Grand suffered a shock final round defeat to Maxime Lagarde with the white pieces in just 26 moves.

34th Andorra Open 2016 (Escaldes AND)
Wed 3rd Aug 2016 - Thu 11th Aug 2016 - Official Site - Results - Live

34th Andorra Open 2016 (9 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:90m:30m+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games

34th Andorra Open 2016 (9 Rds Swiss Indiv TC: 90m:30m+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games


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34th Andorra Open 2016 Escaldes AND Wed 3rd Aug 2016 - Thu 11th Aug 2016
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
16Cori JorgeGMPER26017.542.5274654.0
21Granda Zuniga Julio EGMPER26727.043.5268655.0
38Lagarde MaximeGMFRA25727.042.5264854.0
44Banusz TamasGMHUN26167.040.0256652.0
511Kogan ArthurGMISR25307.037.5250348.0
63Vovk AndriyGMUKR26376.542.5260054.0
79Demuth AdrienGMFRA25456.542.5256254.0
813Aloma Vidal RobertIMAND24756.541.0251752.5
917Antoli Royo Joaquin MiguelIMESP24326.539.0248150.0
1014Bekker-Jensen SimonIMDEN24566.538.5252149.5
1110Glud Jakob VangGMDEN25326.538.0244248.5
1212Riff Jean-NoelGMFRA24836.537.5254847.5
137Gozzoli YannickGMFRA25736.533.0245042.5
1416Barbot PierreIMFRA24446.041.0249751.5
1518Jerez Perez AlfonsoIMESP23866.039.5240050.5
1615Collins Sam E.IMIRL24486.038.5240149.5
1725Adel Lahchaichi OussamaFMESP23346.037.5237348.5
185Prohaszka PeterGMHUN26046.036.0240547.5
1952Bas Mas MiguelESP21236.035.0225343.0
2023Berkovich Mark AIMISR23466.034.5232144.5
2122Sowray Peter JFMENG23486.033.0230743.5
2219Trepat Herranz JoanFMESP23605.539.5239050.5
2370Cai ChaoruoCHN19615.539.0228549.0
2424Barbero Sendic AlejandroFMESP23365.538.5231850.0
2520Pein MalcolmIMENG23575.538.5230349.5
2630Cimer EmanuelARG22305.537.5231647.0
2729Martinez Lopez IvanFMESP22465.537.0222048.0
2837Bilquez RomainFRA21835.536.0228646.5
2926Eden JamesFMFRA23205.536.0224947.0
3028Rudolf AnnaIMHUN22475.535.5224346.0
3165Caloone ThomasFRA20295.535.5212844.0
3227Aubry YannisFRA22695.534.5216244.5
3344Garcia Paolicchi RaulFMAND21445.533.0219041.0
3445Trouve GuillaumeFRA21425.533.0214042.5
3551Malassagne RaphaelFRA21295.533.0213442.0
3632Nieves Cabanes JavierESP22155.532.5214442.5
3762Kern NicolasFRA20795.531.5212839.5
3891Perche LouisFRA18035.529.0198437.0
3943Cantin LoicFRA21465.040.0228351.0
4055Eizaguerri Floris MariaWFMESP21115.038.0222847.5
4133Garrido Fernandez DanielESP22045.036.0221247.0
4235Marzano CarloITA21995.036.0220046.0
4341Sanchez Dengra Jose MariaESP21525.035.0211344.5
4442Orteu Capdevila MaxESP21475.034.5209244.0
4553Ronce NathanFRA21225.032.5212640.5
4654Veganzones Rojo DavidESP21205.032.5211642.5
4785Ezra Paul ChambersFMBDI18575.032.5210840.5
4864Archangelsky MikhailIMRUS20555.032.0215439.0
4961Picart LaurentFRA20845.032.0205038.0
5083Rios Garcia MiguelESP18805.031.5205741.0
130 players

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