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ACP Golden Chess Classic 2012 (1)

Ivanchuk, Kamsky and Muzychuk win in Golden Classic Round 1

Opening Ceremony of the Amsterdam Science Park Events. Photo ©

Opening Ceremony of the Amsterdam Science Park Events. Photo © |

The ACP Golden Chess Classic started with three decisive games but no adjournments in the first round on 14th July 2012. Gata Kamsky seemed to catch out Le Quang Liem out in the opening and was already winning by move 22 and he finished things quickly. Vassily Ivanchuk won as white against Baadur Jobava in a King's Indian where all the minor pieces came off but Ivanchuk won the heavy piece ending extremely quickly. Anna Muzychuk outplayed Krishnan Sasikiran almost straight out of the opening as black and then finished things crisply for the surprise result of the day. Emil Sutovsky sat out day 1 of the 7 player event.

Kamsky beat Le Quang Liem

Kamsky already had a huge advantage but he finished things off nicely.

Le Quang Liem


Gata Kamsky

Position after 24...Rc5

25. Rxf6 gxf6 26. Qf7+ Kd8 27. Qxf6+ Kc7 28. Qxh8 Qe7 29. e4 Qd7 30. Rf1 Kb6 31. Rf7 Qa4 32. Qd8+ Ka7 33. Qxd6 Qa3 34. Kg2 Qxa2+ 35. Kh3 Rc8 36. Qb4 1-0

Krishnan Sasikiran 0-1 Anna Muzychuk

Muzychuk has outplayed her opponent and now moves in for the kill.

Anna Muzychuk


Krishnan Sasikiran

Position after 32.Be2

32. .. Bxe4 33. fxe4 Nxe4 34. Rf1 Qg5 35. h4 Qd8 36. Ba6 Rxd1 37. Rxd1 Qxd1+ 38. Qxd1 Nf2+ 39. Kg1 Nxd1 40. b3 c4 0-1

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