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18th Corsican Circuit 2014 (Games and Results)

18th Corsican Circuit 2014

The 18th Corsican Circuit took place 18th-22nd Oct 2014. A rapid open qualified for a knockout event with Viswanathan Anand and Hou Yifan. Anand was knocked out by Sergey Fedorchuk 1.5-0.5 in the Semi-final after having won all his previous games. Hou Yifan survived an armageddon tie-break to beat Robert Ruck and reach the final All the games were in Bastia. The final in Ajaccio on the 22nd was won 2-0 by Hou Yifan over Fedorchuk.

18th Corsican Circuit 2014 (Bastia FRA)
Sat 18th Oct 2014 - Wed 22nd Oct 2014 - Official Site - Results - Live

18th Open 2014 (168 players 9 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:15m+3spm) - Games in PGN: Games Open

Corsican Circuit Final (16 players 4 Rds KO Indiv TC:15m+3spm) - Games in PGN: Games KO

18th Open 2014 (168 players 9 Rds Swiss Indiv TC: 15m+3spm) - Games in PGN: Games Open


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18th Open 2014 Bastia FRA Sat 18th Oct 2014 - Wed 22nd Oct 2014
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
1FEDORCHUK Sergey A.gUKR267347½2739
2KOVALENKO IgorgLAT265046½2670
3SWIERCZ DariuszgPOL2614746½2666
4TREGUBOV Pavel V.gRUS26077472644
5RUCK RobertgHUN2568746½2638
6SARIC IvangCRO2678745½2625
7BALOGH CsabagHUN2660744½2608
8KRAVTSIV MartyngUKR25637462570
9EDOUARD RomaingFRA2659742½2542
10DOURERASSOU JonathanmFRA24737452507
11MESZAROS TamasmHUN2424742½2402
12SKOMOROKHIN RomanmRUS2364741½2355
13DIMITROV RadoslavmBUL2445492599
14HORVATH AdamgHUN253945½2515
15DJURIC StefangSRB2397442395
16SELETSKY GrigoryfUKR2358442371
17VILLEGAS PierrefMNC2299412304
18DIMITROV PavelmBUL233141½2295
19MASSONI MichaelmFRA2338642½2306
20DRAGOJLOVIC AndjelkomSRB2290641½2289
21BRETHES FrancoisFRA2276641½2255
22BRESSAC StephanefFRA22866422242
23PODVIN Francois-XavierFRA21796442214
24LUCIANI ThibaultFRA20996402213
25PESOTSKYI VitaliimUKR2262641½2202
26MIHALJ Miroslav MfSRB22266402194
27PISCOPO PierluigimITA24266392186
28LJUBISAVLJEVIC Zivojin ZmSRB2145639½2123
29LABORDE StephaneFRA21446402105
30BOURSIER JulienFRA2072638½2035
31GERONIMI Pierre-FrancoisFRA20196392030
32UTA Adeline-RamonaffROU2063637½2029
33UTRERA LudovicFRA20296392010
34COSTA Pierre-MathieuFRA19726401973
35MORISON JulienFRA16336351792
36KUCHERYAVY VadymUKR1573633½1727
37KOZIAK VitalimUKR2456432330
38HUMEAU CyrilfFRA230741½2254
39ANGELOV ZvetomirBUL201642½2118
40DEUR SARIC ZrinkaffCRO211542½2085
41BATTESTI Marc-AndriaFRA2012402081
42TOMASI AlbertFRA1945401964
43PODVIN AntoineFRA1765361808
44DIMITROV DanielBUL181135½1788
45SKOMOROKHINA TatyanaffRUS21315361940
46BIGONNET Jean-MichelFRA1992541½1906
47ALLIOT KevinFRA18575391905
48CONNAT LudovicFRA19635381875
49BEDINI LucasFRA17485381857
50MAZZA StefanoFRA18175381776
168 players

Corsican Circuit Final (16 players 4 Rds KO Indiv TC: 15m+3spm) - Games in PGN: Games KO


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Corsican Circuit Final 2014 Bastia FRA Sun 19th Oct 2014 - Wed 22nd Oct 2014
Leading Final Round 4 Standings:
14.1Hou, YifanGMCHN2673112
24.1Fedorchuk, Sergey A.GMUKR2673000
13.1Fedorchuk, Sergey A.GMUKR26731=1.5
23.1Anand, ViswanathanGMIND27850=0.5
13.2Hou, YifanGMCHN2673100113
23.2Ruck, RobertGMHUN2568011002
12.1Anand, ViswanathanGMIND2785112
22.1Tregubov, Pavel V.GMRUS2607000
12.2Fedorchuk, Sergey A.GMUKR2673===12.5
22.2Balogh, CsabaGMHUN2660===01.5
12.3Hou, YifanGMCHN267301113
22.3Kravtsiv, MartynGMUKR256310001
12.4Ruck, RobertGMHUN2568=11.5
22.4Saric, IvanGMCRO2678=00.5
11.1Saric, IvanGMCRO2678112
21.1Meszaros, TamasIMHUN2424000
11.2Anand, ViswanathanGMIND2785112
21.2Skomorokhin, RomanIMRUS2364000
11.3Hou, YifanGMCHN267301113
21.3Dimitrov, RadoslavIMBUL244510001
11.4Fedorchuk, Sergey A.GMUKR267301113
21.4Dourerassou, JonathanIMFRA247310001
11.5Ruck, RobertGMHUN2568112
21.5Kovalenko, IgorGMLAT2650000
11.6Balogh, CsabaGMHUN26601=1.5
21.6Horvath, AdamGMHUN25390=0.5
11.7Kravtsiv, MartynGMUKR2563=11.5
21.7Edouard, RomainGMFRA2659=00.5
11.8Tregubov, Pavel V.GMRUS2607=11.5
21.8Swiercz, DariuszGMPOL2614=00.5
30 players

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