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15th Bangkok Chess Club Open 2015 (Games and Results)

15th Bangkok Chess Club Open 2015

The 15th Bangkok Chess Club Open took place in Pattaya 12th to 19th April 2015. The open is also called the Thailand open and takes place in Bangkok only in the even years. Players: Wang Hao, Francisco Vallejo Pons, Nigel Short, Jan Gustafsson, Bartosz Socko etc. In spite of an early loss Nigel Short won the event with 7.5/9 on tie-break from Surya Shekhar Ganguly and Kamil Dragun.

15th Bangkok Chess Club Open 2015 (Pattaya THA)
Sun 12th Apr 2015 - Sun 19th Apr 2015 - Official Site - Results - Live

15th BCC Open 2014 (9 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:90m:30m+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games

15th BCC Open 2014 (9 Rds Swiss Indiv TC: 90m:30m+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games


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15th BCC Open 2015 Pattaya THA Sun 12th Apr 2015 - Sun 19th Apr 2015
Leading Final Round 9 Standings:
13Short Nigel DENG26787.
26Ganguly Surya ShekharIND26197.
37Dragun KamilPOL25767.
41Wang HaoCHN27137.
52Vallejo Pons FranciscoESP26966.50.055.538.00
68Horvath JozsefHUN25226.
715Kunte AbhijitIND24776.50.052.536.50
813Barbosa OliverPHI24896.
910Ghosh DiptayanIND25126.
104Gustafsson JanGER26396.
1116Deepan Chakkravarthy J.IND24756.50.050.533.50
1217Sunilduth Lyna NarayananIND24646.
139Gomez John PaulPHI25206.50.048.534.00
1425Himanshu SharmaIND24166.50.047.533.00
1514Illingworth MaxAUS24896.50.047.532.75
1621Swapnil S. DhopadeIND24466.50.047.532.75
1711Rasmussen Allan StigDEN25076.50.047.531.50
1822Karthikeyan P.IND24436.50.044.530.25
1951Lorparizangeneh ShahinIRI23196.00.052.533.25
2018Torre EugenioPHI24606.00.051.533.00
2119Schebler GerhardGER24516.00.051.532.00
2234Bersamina PauloPHI23906.
2327Smirnov AntonAUS24106.00.048.530.25
245Socko BartoszPOL26286.00.048.530.00
2520Sammalvuo TapaniFIN24506.00.047.529.50
2658Dai ChangrenCHN22756.
2729Ravi Teja S.IND24056.00.046.529.50
2831Krishna C.r.g.IND24026.
2923Beikert Guenther Dr.GER24286.
3035Gonzales JaysonPHI23856.00.041.527.50
3182Ritviz ParabIND21885.50.050.529.00
3264Hemant SharmaIND22485.
33114Liu ZhaoqiCHN20535.50.047.528.00
3430Ikeda JuntaAUS24035.50.047.526.00
3585Frayna Janelle MaePHI21675.
3633Juhasz KristofHUN23935.
3747Biag Ivan GilPHI23285.
3852Terekhov AndreyRUS23185.
3988Grafil Franz RobertPHI21565.
4039Severino SanderPHI23555.50.044.525.50
4136Ahlander BjornSWE23725.50.044.524.25
4249Dale AriAUS23215.50.044.522.50
4328Hagen Andreas SkytteDEN24085.
4477Rohan AhujaIND21975.
4579Sauravh KhherdekarIND21915.
4654Roy PrantikIND23085.
4738Stokke KjetilNOR23605.
4843Nyysti SampsaFIN23345.
49160Sadhu S AdithyaIND18225.50.043.525.00
5061Puccini JackAUS22655.50.043.524.25
194 players

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