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133rd Varsity Match 2015 (Games and Results)

133rd Varsity Match 2015

The 133rd Varsity Chess Match between Oxford and Cambridge Universities took place at the RAC Club, Pall Mall, London, on Saturday 7 March 2015, starting at 12.30pm.

Live coverage this year.

Oxford team: David Zakarian (2386f, ARM), David Pires Tavares Martins (2293f, POR), Rhys Cumming (2130, ENG), Gordon Scott (2087, ENG), Dominic Foord (2081, ENG), Howard Chiu (2076c, SIN), Jude Lenier (2065, ENG), Nicole Miranda Gonzalez (1934wf, CHI).

Cambridge team: Yang Fan-Zhou (2477m, ENG), Daniel Fernandez (2456m, SIN), Richard Weaving (2257, ENG), Rafe Martyn (2253f, ENG), Jean-Luc Weller (2233, ENG), Andrew McClement (2179, SCO), Saravanan Sathyanandha (2163, ENG), En Huei Danielle Ho (1974wf, SIN).

This year’s event will be officially opened by GM Luke McShane, who played board one for Oxford in the 2004 and 2005 Varsity chess matches... The approximate average age of Oxford team is 23 years and Cambridge is 21 years, with approximate average ratings of Oxford 2126 and Cambridge 2252. After 132 matches the overall score stands at: Cambridge 58, Oxford 53, Drawn 21.

For the second year in the row the match was drawn,

133rd Varsity Match 2015 (London ENG)
Sat 7th Mar 2015 - Sat 7th Mar 2015 - Official Site - Live

133rd Varsity Match 2015 (16 players 1 Rds Match Club TC:120m:60m) - Games in PGN: Games

133rd Varsity Match 2015 (16 players 1 Rds Match Club TC: 120m:60m) - Games in PGN: Games


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133rd Varsity Match 2015 London ENG Sat 7th Mar 2015 - Sat 7th Mar 2015
Leading Final Round 1 Standings:
1Oxford University4
1Cambridge University4
2 teams

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