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128th Varsity Chess Match (1)

128th Varsity Chess Match 2010

The 128th Varsity Chess Match between Oxford University and Cambridge University took place at the RAC Club, Pall Mall, London on 6th March 2010. The match sponsor was Henry Mutkin. The match was drawn 4-4. News: John Saunders who has a special report at the BCM site..

128th Varsity Match 2010 (London ENG)
Sat 6th Mar 2010 - Sat 6th Mar 2010 - Official Site

128th Varsity Match (16 players 1 Rds Match Team TC:120m:60m) - Games in PGN: Games

128th Varsity Match (16 players 1 Rds Match Team TC: 120m:60m) - Games in PGN: Games


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128th Varsity Match London (ENG), 6 iii 2010
Bd Oxford Rating 4-4 Cambridge Rating
1b Gustavo German (Worcester) 2515 ½-½ Gabor Pinter (Queens') 2349m
2w Athanasios Tsanas (St Cross) 2264 1-0 Li Wu (Churchill) 2344
3b Michael Healey (University) 2089 0-1 Peter Roberson (Churchill) 2256
4w Steffen Schaper (Exeter) (2115) 1-0 Sven Quist (Dept. of Genetics) 2141c
5b Szymon Pozimski (St Peters) (2066) ½-½ J Stuart Robertson (Trinity) (2120)
6w Graham Morris (St Anne's) 2034 0-1 Mikhail Tyomkyn (Corpus Christi) 2111
7b Yangshi Yu (Exeter) 1978 1-0 Richard Lee (Christ's) (2058)
8w Agnese Salputra (Keble) (1730) 0-1 Selina Khoo (Murray Edwards) 1981

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