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11th BCC Thailand Open 2011 (8)

Vallejo, Short and Gustafsson on 6.5/8 in Thailand

Vallejo and Gustafsson shake hands at the start of Round 8.

Vallejo and Gustafsson shake hands at the start of Round 8. |

The three favourites for the 11th BCC Thailand Open share the lead on 6.5/8 going into the final round which starts at 3am UK time. They will all be expected to win their final round encounters. Below is the press release for the tournament and 4 games from Round 8.

Top Seeds Headed for Photo Finish at Thai Chess Open

The three top seeds at the 2011 Thai Chess Open in Pattaya are tied for the lead with just one round to play, setting the stage for an exciting finish in the strongest tournament ever held in Thailand.

After top seed Paco Vallejo of Spain was held to a draw by German third seed Jan Gustafsson, Nigel Short of England took the opportunity to regain a share of the lead with a comfortable victory over Indian Grandmaster Jha Sriram. Gustafsson, who memorably beat Short in the seventh round, bravely sacrificed two pawns against the top seed on Saturday, but Vallejo could find nothing better than returning the material with a drawn endgame. "You should have watched my DVD - that's where I proposed [the new 14th move that I played]," Gustafsson said to his opponent after the game."Yes, I will download it," Vallejo replied.

The final round, which begins early Sunday at 9am, will see the top three Grandmasters facing significantly lower ranked opposition, so a three-way tie for the 100,000 Baht first prize is certainly a possibility. However lower ranked players have caused so many upsets in this event that the elite Grandmasters will be taking nothing for granted.

Leading scores:

=1 Vallejo, Short, Gustafsson 6.5

=4 Kunte, Stokke, Murshed, Voigt, Yang, Willemze, Illner, Mariano 6

The Thai Open, with a prize fund of 500,000 Baht, is being played at the Dusit Thani Pattaya Resort. Games may be followed live via with results on

Thai Open Press centre April 16

Open Pattaya THA Mon 11th Apr 2011 - Sun 17th Apr 2011
Leading Round 8 (of 9) Standings:
1Vallejo Pons FranciscoGMESP27076.544.0034.0
2Gustafsson JanGMGER26476.543.5032.5
3Short Nigel DGMENG26766.542.5032.0
4Mariano Nelson IIIPHI21976.040.5031.5
5Kunte AbhijitGMIND25266.040.5030.0
6Murshed NiazGMBAN24556.040.0030.0
7Illner AchimFMGER23536.039.0029.5
8Stokke KjetilFMNOR24076.039.0029.0
9Voigt MartinFMGER23256.037.0028.5
10Yang KaiqiIMCHN23996.037.0027.0
11Willemze ThomasIMNED23906.035.5026.0
12Schebler GerhardGMGER24605.541.5032.0
13Zaw Win LayGMMYA23825.541.5031.5
14Sriram JhaGMIND24425.541.0030.5
15Hopman PieterNED23655.540.0030.0
16Hansen Sune BergGMDEN26035.538.5029.5
17Illingworth MaxFMAUS23455.538.5029.0
18Saptarshi RoyIMIND23955.537.0027.5
19Neubronner JarredSIN22625.536.5028.5
20Sauravh KhherdekarFMIND23255.535.0025.5
21Teerapabpaisit WisuwatFMTHA23105.534.5026.0
22Palit SomakIMIND23785.533.5025.0
23Morris JamesIMAUS22275.040.0031.5
24L'Ami AlinaWGMROU22975.039.0030.5
25Sklyarov Dmitry V.FMRUS24155.038.0028.5
26Aung AungIMMYA23245.037.5028.5
Pitirojirathon JirapakFMTHA22785.037.5028.5
28Hou QiangCHN05.037.0027.0
29Lahiri AtanuIMIND23505.037.0027.0
30Mohota NishaIMIND23245.036.5028.5
31Myo NaingIMMYA23175.036.5027.5
32Bakre TejasGMIND25305.036.0027.5
33Romanov AlexeiIMRUS24015.036.0027.0
34Arvind ShastryIND22975.036.0026.5
35Berezovics AlexanderFMRUS22065.035.5026.5
36Reilly TimFMAUS22715.035.0025.0
37Sanjay N.IND23355.034.5026.0
38Mohammad Nubairshah ShaikhIND21995.034.0026.0
39West GuyIMAUS23605.033.5025.5
40Contin DanielIMITA23165.033.5025.0
41Nath RupankarIND21255.030.5023.0
42Filippov AlexanderRUS22645.027.0020.5
43Kojima ShinyaFMJPN23294.542.0031.5
44Swathi GhateWGMIND23074.541.5031.0
45Kananub WarotTHA19894.539.0029.0
46Singh Gurpreet PalIND04.538.0028.0
47Lee Kah Meng ElginMAS19044.536.5028.0
48Tuomala TimoFIN22314.536.0028.0
49Prince BajajIND21854.535.0026.5
50Nohr FinnDEN21024.533.5025.0
51Lee T H BryanHKG19644.533.0027.0
52Brunner KarlSUI20634.533.0024.5
53Lim Hoon ChengFMSIN22094.532.5023.5
54Norris Damian CFIJ20724.531.5022.0
55Kulpruthanon ThanadonTHA19334.531.0024.0
56Saeheng BoonsuebFMTHA22534.531.0023.0
57Karma PandyaIND21334.530.5023.5
58Takahashi ReijiJPN20994.530.5022.5
59Topi-Hulmi TeemuFMFIN22854.530.0022.5
60Hoffman RonNED21104.527.5020.0
61Eng Andre JeromeSIN21504.039.5031.0
62Attwood JamesAUS20194.038.0029.0
63Limono HandjojoINA18694.037.0028.0
64Shetty RahulIMIND22794.037.0027.0
65Abdumalik ZhansayaWFMKAZ19414.036.0027.5
66Michalet GuyFRA21834.035.5027.5
67Wismeijer JeroenNED20834.035.5026.0
68Tuorila KaiFIN21254.034.0027.0
69Chong Chor YuenHKG20514.034.0025.5
70Vospernik AndrejSLO22054.033.5025.0
71Osmolny Vladimir I.FMRUS22004.033.5024.5
72Watharow SeanAUS19644.032.5024.0
73Steinbrecht RalfGER22224.032.5023.5
74Rinquest TedUSA21384.032.0025.0
75Ilmoni TommyFIN21214.032.0024.5
76Nihal ManjunathIND20164.030.5023.0
77Drummond MatthewAUS22404.029.5022.5
78Wiwatanadate PoompongTHA19944.029.5022.0
79Sorensen TorbenIMMLT24034.029.0022.0
80Wee Chu En KelvinSIN20374.029.0021.0
81Andersson ChristinWIMSWE21634.028.5021.0
82Ruston Mark RENG21104.027.0019.0
83Sollid SteinNOR20163.532.0024.5
84Doostkam P.IRI21943.532.0023.0
85Sivara PoompatTHA19723.531.5025.0
86Dotsenko ViacheslavRUS20693.531.0023.0
87Hirt MarkusSUI20563.531.0023.0
88Erlandsen CarstenDEN20833.531.0022.0
89Laurain DominiqueFRA20323.530.5022.5
90Frederiksen ErikDEN19963.530.5022.5
91Wee Chun Jie EugeneSIN20153.530.0021.0
92Dale AriAUS19023.529.5022.0
93Savolainen Lev P.FMRUS21763.529.0022.0
94Yutithamnon SurapoleTHA19833.528.5020.5
95Messam-Sparks LateefahENG19093.527.0021.0
96Shinoda TaroJPN18613.526.5021.0
97Wattanarat PasawonTHA17813.526.5020.0
98Thanarotrung RatchaphonTHA18533.526.5020.0
99Santoshkashyap HGIND20033.526.5019.5
100Atthaworadej WoradejTHA16383.524.0018.0
101Png Ren ChiMAS19603.035.0028.0
102Akharaboollasez AkharinTHA19113.031.5023.5
103Svendsen PeterDEN19743.031.5023.5
104Wiesebach WolfgangGER19143.031.0023.5
105Tuamsang SawapopTHA19673.031.0023.5
106Arpijuntarangkoon JaradpongTHA19773.031.0023.0
107Bianchetti RaoulITA19003.029.5023.0
108Jayaram R.IND20703.029.5021.5
109Haveland BjornNOR19523.029.0022.5
110Thebault BernardFRA21083.029.0022.5
111Lee ShaneIRL18343.029.0021.5
112Savant RiyaIND16813.028.5021.5
113Eriksson JonFIN22013.028.5021.0
114Koivumaki MarkoFIN18363.026.5020.5
115Tachaplalert SuvichTHA17923.026.5019.5
116Pashkov Vladimir M.RUS03.026.0019.0
117Lee Kah Howe WilliamMAS17873.024.0018.0
118Campi WiIlliamUSA18243.023.5018.5
119Sriphutkiat YannapolTHA18483.023.5017.5
120Frost PeterAUS19553.022.0016.0
121Winkler StefanGER18712.529.0023.0
122Lee Say Siong JohnSIN18012.527.5021.0
123Nakvanich SahapolTHA18842.527.0020.5
124Karasmaki SeppoFIN18662.525.5018.5
125Klausen TorbjornNOR16012.525.0018.5
126Darby PeterENG19602.525.0017.5
127Au Hubert DavidHKG18912.524.5017.5
128Ng JimmySIN21082.523.0017.0
129Tominski NorbertGER19662.032.5024.5
130Low Zhen Yu CyrusSIN14612.030.0021.5
131Srivatanakul PrichaTHA17692.025.0019.5
132Tan Tze Lin TommySIN17042.024.5019.5
133Tan FischerSIN15352.023.5018.5
134Abramowski JoergGER02.023.0018.0
135Chen Pei XianMAS14442.020.0014.5
136Leong Gee YUSA19222.015.0010.0
137Czarnach AntonGER15721.526.5020.5
138Lie TerjeNOR16321.522.0016.5
139Kuenitz KlausGER17341.023.0017.5
140Brunet PatrickFRA00.522.0016.0
141Chutubtim PrayudhTHA19560.018.0013.0
141 players

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