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101st British Chess Championships 2014 (Games and Results)

101st British Chess Championships 2014

The 101st British Chess Championships took place in Aberystwyth 19th to 30th July 2014. Jonathan Hawkins and David Howell shared the title scoring 8.5/11. There was no tie-break scheduled this year. I imagine the proximity to the Olympiad factored into the decision, probably to reduce the length of the event by a day.

101st British Chess Championships 2014 (Aberystwyth WLS)
Sat 19th Jul 2014 - Sat 2nd Aug 2014 - Official Site - Results - Live

101st ch-GBR 2014 (11 Rds Swiss Indiv TC:100:50:15+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games

101st ch-GBR 2014 (11 Rds Swiss Indiv TC: 100:50:15+30spm(1)) - Games in PGN: Games


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101st ch-GBR 2014 Aberystwyth WLS Sat 19th Jul 2014 - Sat 2nd Aug 2014
Leading Final Round 11 Standings:
1Howell, David W LGMENG265011½0111½1½18.52615
2Hawkins, JonathanIMENG2516111111½½½½½8.52621
3Pert, NicholasGMENG256411½1½½1½½½½7.52544
4Hebden, Mark LGMENG255411011½½11½07.52533
5Emms, John MGMENG245611½1½½½01½17.52476
6Arkell, Keith CGMENG24331-1011½½11½7.52448
7Pert, Richard GIMENG243011½01½1½½1½7.52498
8Haria, RaviENG2202100½½111½117.52295
9Fernandez, Daniel HowardIMSIN239611½101½10½½7.02507
10Storey, Charles HFMENG2241011011001117.02251
11Zhou, Yang-FanIMENG2475110½11½010½6.52325
12Williams, Simon KGMENG24621½1110010106.52405
13Ward, Chris GGMENG24221110½101½0½6.52412
14Tan, JustinFMAUS237511100½1½½106.52333
15Jackson, James PFMENG23201011001101½6.52354
16Harvey, Marcus RENG22871101½0½101½6.52300
17Lewis, Andrew PFMENG2286-11½½½100116.52252
18Kett, TimWLS2270½½1010½01116.52184
19Fernandez, MichaelENG2029½101½½½101½6.52336
20Brown, MartinENG2194+01½01½01016.02241
21Bullen, AlexWLS2054+00100110116.02129
22Wadsworth, Matthew JENG22210½1110½010½5.52154
23McPhillips, JosephENG22000½11½½011005.52162
24Batchelor, Peter JENG21771½100½½11005.52261
25Mason, Donald JENG2167½01½½½½11005.52083
26Hill, AlistairENG2126½100½½½10½15.52046
27Hackner, Oskar AENG21080½10½½101105.52104
28Wager, John DENG20990½0½½1½0½115.52093
29Jones, Steven AENG2064100½½½½101½5.52129
30Pleasants, Allan JWLS20610½011½½01½½5.52128
31Tambini, JasperENG20470½1½½0½110½5.52122
32Zhang, Anthony YENG1926½½½0½½½10½15.52152
33Hill, Clive EENG2330 *0½0½½101½015.02004
34Shaw, PeterENG21780½1½10½½1005.02050
35Graham, David BENG2155½0110½0½10½5.02054
36Menadue, Jeremy F SENG21170½½10½½0½1½5.02026
37Simons, Martin JENG208700½½½0½1½1½5.02072
38Waddington, Mike PFMENG2085-+0½10½½½½½5.02009
39Taylor, Adam AENG2021101½010001½5.02171
40Elwin, Adrian GENG197400½½½1½01½½5.02097
41Rudd, JackIMENG22781011½0100004.52194
42Brown, ThomasWLS210401½000½1½014.51987
43Horton, JustinENG2104000½+½01½014.51960
44Jarmany, JohnENG2073001½1½½10004.52079
45Villiers, ThomasENG20680½0+½1½½0½04.52049
46Hoare, Amy BENG195001½½0½100104.52013
47Burnett, JimENG212401½½0100½0½4.02020
48Lenier, Jude AENG2099000½½1½00½14.01926
49Fathallah, JoeWLS1953100½0½001½½4.02007
50Slade, TheodoreENG1818½000½+000114.01903
60 players

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